Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for United Kingdom #atozchallenge

Hope you're having an Unbelievable Thursday friends! Remember when I wrote this post about all things I want to do in Ireland...well while I'm in Europe, we talked about hitting two birds with one plane. So I am now bringing you part dos about all of the things I want to do in England aka part of the United Kingdom which Northern Ireland is also part of.

You should be following my Ireland / England Pinterest Board if you want to see more of the things I pin as we get closer to our departure. You could just follow me anyway, I'm just sayin'!

Okay, so these first two aren't things I want to do IN England but they are related and noteworthy.

I really can't wait to make a dual one of these for Ireland / England! Aren't they perfect and you know I'll be sharing what I did with ya'll!


I also, cannot, absolutely do not need this scarf, but I think it's awesome and it will be chilly to this Florida girl while we're there. However, I also want to get rain boots and a cute rain jacket so there goes my wardrobe budget monies!


On to the things that I cannot wait to do IN England.

The London Eye

Yes, I'm afraid of heights, but come on how can we go over there and NOT do this? B T dubs, A is afraid of heights too, oops!


Phone Booth and Big Ben

So, I've already had my pic take in a photo booth at Disney but I think I really need a more authentic one in London...right?!


Picadilly Circle and Double Decker Bus

A told me about PC, and I was like ooph, while we're there can we also ride a double decker bus? He looked at me like I was crazy because that's another "must do" thing in England!


Buckingham Palace

I don't even care if we go in, I just want to stop by and be a crazy tourist taking a bazillion pictures :) Also, when I found this one it talked about the Unicorn on the gates and I thought of you Kylea and all of the other bloggers that won't stop talking about Unicorns. I love it when people have a thing. Cupcakes is one of my things. As is tutus and now I'm off topic.


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  1. fabulous! i absolutely adore London. I am ridiculously afraid of heights, and the eye wasn't that bad - the thing you are in is so big, so many people and there are seats. its not so scary, though i dont know why. have a blast!

  2. Those would all be on my list! The telephone booth is a must and the double decker bus. That scarf is pretty genius for not having to carry your passport and hiding it from pickpockets.

  3. I love the shadow box idea! Definitely have to do the phone booth... iconic!

  4. I'm going to London in June, and I can't wait! I want to do all of these things! That scarf is so nifty! It'll be way too hot for me to wear a scarf though, I think. I also love the frames with the different places you've traveled to. What a fun craft project! I want to do itttt!


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