Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Roomies #atozchallenge

Happy Monday Morning Ya'll! I hope you're feeling refreshed after your weekend, and I'm off today so you know I am, haha!

Since I'm all signed up for Blogcation and waiting (impatiently) for the ship to take off from the port I thought I'd share with you the ladies I'm going to be spending some of my time with; All Aboard!

You might have seen Tiffany, Emily and Kylea in my sidebar since I'm sponsoring them this month...that's how I'm doing it right now. Since I didn't have sponsorship opportunities, I've been doing swaps and pimping those that I'm having pimp me. Holla!

I have started accepting sponsors, so if you want in on the ground floor AND you want a good deal use code NEWBIE for 1/2 off all ads for a limited time! I even have swap ones up for free because I'm all about the deals!

Now, onto those I'm sponsoring this roomies!

Emily is a fellow art school grad who has dreams of living in New York City. She's not a fan of sushi, has a serious Dr. Pepper addiction and lives by the quote "Life is better when you're laughing!"

Kylea is also going through the A-Z challenge and rocking it! She loves minions, alcoholic beverages and she dedicates entire posts to Theo. *swoon*

Tiffany has been such a great sponsor. She's a hard core reader like me, but I think she's a lot better about expanding her reading circle, lol. She also loves party planning just as much as me, I mean check out her Rainbow Party and tell me you don't want to be there?

I've had a few people in RL ask me if I'm nervous to be rooming with girls I don't know. Sure, I've never met them but I've also stayed at a house with people I met on the Internet and it's still one of the best things I've ever done!

My weekend was pretty good seeing as it was Easter and all.

1. We were released from prison work early on Friday due to a. thunderstorms and b. Good Friday so we played on our laptops at Starbucks and I enjoyed seeing all of the La Boulange stuff they have. Bakeries and pink make this girl happy!
2. Then we had dinner and movie plans!!! Seeing Divergent two times in the theater takes me back to my Twilight days. God I was such a nerd!
3. I'm absolutely loving the bunless burgers at Red Robin, I've been getting the Burnin' Love as a chicken sandwich and OMG sooo good. Plus they have that Sweet Thai Chili sauce for fry dipping. *licks lips*
4. This was the 13th picture captured by our wayward photographer. She kept saying she didn't think it was taking because it wasn't "clicking" but I will say this last picture was definitely the best!
5. Saturday morning we were supposed to go kayaking but it was too windy and they didn't tell us to call before heading down there so...we improvised and went for a hike. Since we're a tourist place our hiking trails are paved! There were still little mini crabs EVERYWHERE and I was a little leery of them.
6. You can't be out early on a Saturday morning and not stop to eat brunch somewhere new, right? We tried Three Birds Tavern and while they didn't have much in the way of brunch (all I need for brunch is a mimosa, and I had one of those) but everything we did try was delicious!
7. Saturday afternoon / evening was spent reading, cleaning and making Easter treats for church.
8. I received my Cara Box from Bekah and OMG it's so full of awesome. I'll do a more in depth post about all of the things I love but I had to snap a pic when it came in! I have been making my list of things for my Florida box to send and this week I'm getting all of the stuff!!
9. Sunday Easter dinner with framily included lots of noms and smoked meats! While it was A LOT of work, we have lots of yummy leftovers coming our way this week!

How did your weekend treat you? What are some things you think would be good in a Florida box?

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  1. i wanted to see divergent this weekend but i got outvoted for rio 2 :( i guess a 5yr old kid trumps all?

    how exciting that you're going on blogcation! i've seen that floating around blogland.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Honestly your blog is the freaking cutest. I love the design. How awesome about the blog cruise! I just checked out thanks to you. Sounds like a killer time.

  3. Definitely put sunscreen in the Florida box!

  4. I agree sunscreen! Bonus points if you can find a really good smelling one! and maybe a cute umbrella? I hear the weather can be fickle, and sometimes that is the last thing people think they need. So excited for Blogcation!!! There is no shame in seeing Divergent multiple times, because Theo is gorgeous and needs to be admired on a big screen. Happy Monday!

  5. Looks like a great Easter weekemd! And anyone who loves Dr. Pepper and Theo James is great in my book :)

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  6. I feel like people aren't really comprehending why I would choose to live on a boat with three strangers. I feel like the entire cruise will be like an episode of The Real World (but more classy and less drama). It would make for some great TV. Haha. Divergent was so amazing - I would see it again mhm. Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

  7. Swaps are so much fun!!!! Hmmm... maybe sand from a beach? I got d and from Myrtle Beach from another blogger and I love it so much, I keep it next to my bed! :)

  8. Looks like you have some fun roomies. The bunless burger looks so good. Hmm what about Orange, a special jam or BBQ sauce that's local. A book from a Florida Author?

  9. Glad you liked everything! If I was getting a Florida box, I'd be asking you to send me your weather since spring is refusing to put down roots in MD! ugh!


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