Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Name #atozchallenge

This might be getting old, but yet again what I had initially planned out for this letter is nowhere near what I ended up writing. Then, I thought I would share a narrative piece, short story if you will, that I'd previously written. Except I realized I needed a pretty cover and would need to make edits since I haven't looked at the story in a couple of years! I also realized I wanted to set up a Wattpad site and needed to finally come up with a pen name. Eeeek!

So I finally settled on what's in a name.

You've seen the quote by the famous Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet's love story. You know I'm a sucker for a Happy Ever After, so that story is not a particular favorite of mine. Yeah, yeah; they die together and end up together in whatever after life they have. *shrug*

When I googled the phrase, "What's in a Name" I came up with some very interesting graphics and then I started trying to figure out what my pen name when I publish something will be. I think my letters H E A should play a part in my name and I came up with Heather Elizabeth rather easily but I'm having a hard time settling on that last name.


There are soooo many possibilities to complete my HEA initials and thought maybe you might have some suggestions?

Do you love the name you were given? Would you use your name or a pen name if you published a book or public article?

So this whole "I'm also a fiction writer" may throw you for a loop and I have some more confessions to throw at you.

It's true, I've published stories on the internet before. I've also made music videos, but that's another post!

I recently made a "book" cover for some old fandom friends and you can read their story on Wattpad here.

I have every intention of participating in NaNoWriMo this year and I'm biting my nails just thinking about signing up!

I've been itching to design book covers again, so even thinking about designing my own makes me *throws confetti* happy!

I was part of a fandom, and you'll find out which one next week if you don't already know since I've mentioned it a few times on here.

I stopped using my cute "letter" images I made when someone from #atozchallenge, a moderator or something told me I would drive more traffic if I used the one EVERYBODY else is using...well, I'll just heed your advice and see how my readership has gone DOWN. Don't listen to the man! Honestly, that's not the only reason I did. I designed them on my big computer and have been doing most stuff this week from my Air. So now they're back...back again.

Final confession - I won't follow anybody just because I "have" to. Especially for a linkup. I've abandoned many a linkups for such a thing so Liz's linkup is always a crap shoot since I may or may not follow the other person and therefore don't feel right about linking up but include her here anyway because Hump Daaaaay!

Go ahead and head on over to link up with these ladies too if you feel like it!

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  1. Your last confession is gold! I feel the same way!

  2. Hahaha, well if you already follow the person I think it's okay to link up, too. LOL

  3. I would have thought your letters would bring more people! I loved them!!

  4. lol at your last confession - fabulous! totally agree :)

  5. Designing book covers sounds awesome! I am not creative one bit so I would be terrible but thats such an interesting hobby!

  6. I don't even include the A-Z letter thing they have. Nor do I include a link back to the link-up. Whatever, my blog, my rules.

  7. Yea they told me that to.... I don't see a difference in readership by including their banners so I am forgoing mine all together. Yours are adorable!

  8. That is so cool you have designed book covers!! I won't do a linkup if I have to follow a bunch of random people. I like to follow only people i will actually read.

  9. When I actually DO decide to publish my first book, I think I'll use a pen name...not too sure yet! But that's flippin' awesome that you've designed book covers! And I totally agree...I used to feel obligated to follow people in link-ups...but this girl is just tired of that shiz. If the blogger is awesome, THEN I will follow. :)

  10. your last confession is the EXACT reason why i don't put any rules to my linkup. hell, if you want to link up just because, go right ahead. i refuse to follow someone just to join their linkup so why would i even make others do that? the other blogger i used to do this with wanted to put all these rules in place and wanted to make all bloggers link to our blogs and shit so i was like, dude, you need to chill with that and then killed the partnership. i know there are people who don't do a confession post but link up anyway and guess what? don't care :) this is a linkup, not school!

    Vodka and Soda

  11. You are fabulous. Also, DO NANOWRIMO. DO IT.

  12. I don't like when linkups have rules either. Danae and I talked about that when we create ours... all we want is our button on the post... not gonna force a follow!

  13. You do so much with books, and I LOVE IT! I was thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year too, but then I thought I may just do my own challenge before then and see how that goes. Kind of like a test run. We'll see what happens. That book cover you made is really awesome! Music videos?! I want to see them ALL!

  14. I hate following people because I have to, too! Those giveaways with 83957203875 blogs/twitter/facebook/instagram accounts to follow? Fck that. I'm not even gonna try! Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.


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