Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Dream Jobs #atozchallenge

Happy Friday Friends! I can't believe we made it to the end of the week. Even though I was off Monday I still felt like the week was extremely long...too long actually. Hopefully you're quite Jovial this Friday too!

When I think of the letter J, I think of the good ol' J O B and these are my dream jobs. That's right, I'm still a dreamer and if you read my post about Gumption earlier this week on Kerry's blog Till Then Smile Often, you'll know where I'm coming from.

1. Race Car Driver - move over Danica Patrick! I love going fast and maneuvering around cars on the road. I imagine what it would be like to do this as my JOB! With that being said I've only been pulled over twice. Once with a warning and once with a ticket that also resulted in a misdemeanor because that was back in college when I wouldn't wear my glasses and didn't yet have contacts, haha oops! No worries, they dropped that after I appeared in front of a judge who also said if I hadn't been practicing my racing skills aka going so fast she would have dropped the ticket too!? So, I know where to obey the law and try to keep it under 10 mph now.

2. Interior Designer - I love decorating and coming up with concepts. Especially when my friends ask for my opinion. It's not like Graphic Design where I have technical training, they just think I have an eye for it. Thanks friends! I love putting colors together, coming up with unique ways to use things found at Antique fairs and seeing what's in my head all come together.

3. Freelance Designer - I've actually done this on the side and occasionally I still take on different jobs but I've never done it as my main source of income. I recently met a designer that quit her day job to do it and it terrifies me! I don't mind working for the man right now, so I'm good in my customer service job.

4. Event Planner - OMG I love planning events. Anybody that comes to an event I've planned always tells me I should be one. Here's the thing...I'm extremely picky/OCD and I'm not sure if I could handle throwing someone a party that I didn't like or approve of. I mean working with design clients a lot of time what I think works best and what they like aren't the same solution. So you should totally check out the most recent party I planned for my Birthday Brunch here.

5. Country Star - I've always loved music and I've been singing in front of crowds since I was a toddler. I was even scouted at the age of 12, but who wants to give up their life at 12 years old? I didn't. I wanted to be a teen because I hadn't done that yet and then the what if's start happening. Now, as much as I like singing lead I sometimes think I would like to be a back up singer. I really enjoy finding the harmonies and making something blend spectacularly! I think only the lead gets to have a pink mic though!


What are some of your dream jobs?

Let's also share a song by the talented Miranda Lambert for #backthatazzup in case Whit does her link up!

Gunpowder and Lead (feat Jack Ingram) by Miranda Lambert on Grooveshark
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  1. i would love to be a product tester at HTC or Samsung, a dermatologist, the guy who does amazing race (all he does is travel around the world and greet people!)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I didn't know you could sing! Share some tunes girl!! I would love to open my own bakery! Or read for a living. ;)

  3. my dream job would be to be the person who writes subtitles for movies. lol. or the person who makes trailers.

  4. I wish you could come decorate my house and plan all my events. Seriously! But I am totally with you on the country star thing :)

  5. Honestly, I would just love to be a teacher someday!

  6. You would make a GREAT event planner!
    Can I pick sitting on my ass, eating and watching Netflix as a dream job?

  7. I think out of all of these, Event planner is what would appeal to me the most. But my dream job is writer--as in, a writer who can actually make a living by writing. :)

  8. We'll definitely have to sing some karaoke together on blogcation! I'm a horrible singer though, so you'll have to sing lead with your pink mic. Being in event planner has always been my dream job. I've had a blast with the few events that I've hosted, and it would be so fun to do it for a living!

  9. event planner. I still want to do it, even though i enjoy my nurse job! ha


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