Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Easter Eggs

Since Easter falls during this April A-Z challenge, I couldn't let the entire month go by without bringing up a chance to talk about a Holiday!

I'm going to keep this short and simple and share 18 Easter Egg ideas I found with you via Pinterest. Make sure you're following me to keep up with all of my other Holiday boards!

First let's talk about a DIY from Pinterest I tried last year. After seeing this pin, I immediately knew I wanted to try a different thing with my deviled eggs.

Aren't they pretty?

Boil your eggs like normal. After they're chilled and dry, roll them around on a hard surface to "crack them" all over. The more cracks in the shell, the more color you'll see on the egg inside. Dip the eggs in your dye and allow them to dry. (We ended up using plastic baggies, plastic gloves and straight food coloring to get the super dark coloring.) Un-peel your eggs and proceed to make your deviled eggs.

We slice them in half long way and separate the whites from the yellows. After mashing up the yellow part, we add miracle whip or mayo, pickle juice, mustard and a little salt and pepper before squirting them into the white eggs with an icing decorator.

Here are 18 more egg-worthy things to try!

I think I'm going to try some of these glitter ideas this year.

Do you still dye eggs? What's your favorite memory as a kid during Spring?

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  1. NINJA TURTLES!! Love them! These are great Ideas for easter eggs. I can even use some for our work easter egg hunt. Thanks!

  2. These Easter eggs are so pretty!

  3. I love decorating Easter eggs! It's so much fun. I love any of them that sparkle - duh. Sparkle is my favorite color. I think the chalkboard ones are so much fun, but I suck at writing with chalk, so I would probably ruin it. The ninja turtle ones! Ah! Yes!

  4. Wow - the decorating of eggs has come a LONG way since I was young. I haven't dyed eggs in probably 5+ years. These are all cute, though now as an adult I wonder more about the safety of the whole thing. Typical mom brain, even if I don't have kids!

  5. So many cute ideas! Love the ones you did last year. The chalkboard one is cute too. I haven't done eggs in a while but the nieces and nephews do.


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