Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Drama, Drama, Drama - TV Shows

So I'm a bit of a drama queen. Sure emotionally...but I'm talking about all the dang TV shows I watch that are DRAMAtic!

I don't handle comedies very well, except for Friends (I loved that show), and anything other than Drama or a Reality Singing show I'm probably not interested. Except So You Think You Can Dance, I LOVE that show!

Let's talk about my Top FIVE TV shows that just all happen to be Dramas and I think you should be watching Right Now! Okay, so only four of these are on the air, but the other one is available for binge watching on Netflix!

#1 Revenge

I loved Emily VanCamp in Everwood and when I saw she was going to be in this show that looked right up my alley I started watching from the beginning and I've been hooked!

Daniel has always been my favorite "guy" on the show. He's just so cute with the dimple and the slightly messed up teeth...not usually my thing, but on him I think it makes his perfection look imperfect obviously. Now I'm not so sure Nolan isn't my favorite. That boy can dress and play millionaire or billionaire well my friends.

After the mid season finale, I wasn't sure how they were going to continue the story line which isn't a first I can never figure anything out like that. Anyway, I have been pleasantly surprised with how this season has played out.

The rest of these...

What's funny is I didn't even start watching TWO three of these until this year. I got all caught up on Nashville before the season started, thank you HuluPlus trial and then just jumped right into season two of Chicago Fire, figuring out what's happened in the show as it goes along. With the hiatus of the shows during February, I purchased the First Season of Chicago Fire from Amazon's Used section for 1/2 price and it was in great condition. I couldn't understand why everyone that watched it would have a problem with Voight (in Chicago PD)...until I watched the first season! Now I get it. I do.

#2 Chicago Fire

I remember watching the series premiere of this and thinking "I just can't add another show to my watch list" because I already wasn't getting everything watched every week. Also, the premiere must not have HOOKED me from the start. You know I'm like a fish and all you have to do is get your claws in me and I am FAITHFUL until you piss me off.

Anyway, after mom and I started watching this second season we were IMMEDIATELY hooked. Like cannot wait to watch the next episode.

I just wish it was on a little earlier. Three of the shows I watch during the week are on at 10 PM and that's my bedtime :( So that means I'm at least one day behind and luckily nobody talks to me about what's going to happen since they all know this.

#3 Chicago P.D.

This a brand new Winter Premiere that is in it's freshman season and It. Is. Fabulous! Lots of crossover with ChiFi as we've started calling it and duh, it has Sophia Bush who was on my FAVORITE drama while I was in college...One Tree Hill. <--- This was also on Netflix for binge watching the last time I checked.

I love how much cross over we've been getting between the Chicago shows! Especially with the developing romance between a couple of my favorite characters!

#4 Nashville

I should have been watching this from the beginning, but after my hatred for Glee I just wasn't really interested in a TV show about singers. Hello, I love Country music though so IDK what I was thinking. Two of my closest friends watched it and they kept telling me I would love it so I tried it out on HuluPlus just before the second season and OMG they were right and I was kicking myself for not watching it in the first place! I had no idea (and still really don't know) who Connie Britton is but I love Hayden! In this show they're both great. Plus it has Jonathan Jackson a.k.a. Lucky from General Hospital that I haven't watched in years!

#5 Army Wives

How I loved thee. I did not start watching this in the beginning either, and had to get caught up with TV on DVD of which I own all of the seasons except maybe the last one. I need to make sure I get that before they stop making it!

The relationships, the ups and downs...these characters saw it all! I was really getting into the new characters, even though I missed the originals, and then they cancelled it!

What are your favorite TV shows right now? If you don't watch TV, what is something you like doing during your spare time?

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  1. I LOVE Nashville! Deacon Claiborne!!!

  2. I love Nashville and Chicago Fire. Bummed they cancelled Army Wives. I am loving the Following. Gruesome but so good.

  3. I watch Nashville, Chicago PD, & Revenge...obviously you have good taste ;)

  4. We are totally the same person. I loved Everwood (though I've never watched Revenge). I love Chicago Fire & PD, the crossovers are the best! I recently binged on Army Wives on Netflix, it was so freakin' good!
    I also love Criminal Minds (the friendships not the murders - i wish it could just show them hanging out with each other each week!)

  5. YES to Revenge and Chicago Fire... two of my absolute favorites! I have such a crush on Emily! haha

  6. I love Nashville and Revenge! I am finally getting into Chicago Fire because of Chicago PD and I have not started on Army Wives yet. Great show choices!!

  7. Yup- I watch all of these!! Plus Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, The Following, Blacklist.... so many more. I have a problem!

  8. i'm a huge fan of blacklist, vikings, SoA and GoT.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. I keep wanting to watch Nashville but Hubs isn't into fav right now is The Following, so creepy and tense!

  10. Oh I have just watched a few episodes of Revenge... loved the show. But the timing of telecast did not work out for me. Will check out the other shows now that I have a good insight handy.

  11. The only one of these I watch is Revenge, and I love it! I think the first season was the best. This season has been up and down for me. Some of the episodes really surprise me and some of the other ones bore me. I'm kind of ready for it to be cancelled just so they can come to a conclusion. I'm ready for Victoria to find out who Emily really is.


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