Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time to Party - Birthday Brunch

Now that I'm getting older, I try to actually act like an adult on occasion. You know, paying my bills and showing up to work without too many sick days. So for my 29th Birthday party, I wanted to have a more adult party and what better way to celebrate my last year in my twenties than with a Ladies Birthday Brunch.

Since I'm old enough to drink, I had to have a Mimosa bar. I had orange juice and raspberry lemonade for the mimosas and milk in case anybody wanted some for the donuts. The milk didn't get touched, so when I do this again I'll have another juice like cranberry of grapefruit!

Get the Mimosa Sign print out here.

I found the champagne flutes for $1 on sale at Old Time Pottery here in Florida, and they also had the mason jars for water or coffee for $1.29 maybe? My favorite thing about getting them at that store was they were already stored in a box of 12 for storage, score!

The tassel garland I grabbed from this Pinterest DIY!

After the mimosas, we had to make sure everyone was well fed at this brunch! I wanted to keep the menu simple, but fun and that's where I thought a yogurt bar and omelettes would be fun + healthy! My original thought was to have my dad standing at a grill with all the omelette fixin's outside, but the menu idea was a little easier and cheaper to do. I had the girls fill out the menu when they arrived and as soon as were ready dad got started on the omelettes!

Get the Omelette menu print out here.

For the yogurt bar, a friend made some homemade granola and I bought a couple different kinds of yogurt. Paired with fresh fruit, dark chocolate chips and mini plastic cups as bowls; it was a hit! Even for this girl that doesn't eat yogurt I just had more granola and fruit. So yummy!

I chose to do a donut tower cake just like this one I found on Pinterest. I used washi tape to do the banner and letter stickers. Did it the morning of the brunch, so you know it didn't take very long!

It was definitely one of my favorite birthday parties, or even just party I've planned! In lieu of gifts, I had the girls bring 3 of their favorite item for a fav things party! I'll share more about that tomorrow!

What's your favorite brunch food or drink?


  1. This is adorable - you should definitely be a party planner if you're not already! So much cuter than just going out somewhere for brunch

  2. This looks amazing Heather! I love it all.

    I'm a big quiche girl.

  3. You did an amazing job!! Everything is so cute and love the omelette bar choices!!

  4. Seriously... this is SUCH a damn cute idea!!!!!

  5. Wow it looks like so much fun! You have a gift for party planning.

  6. Everything looks adorable and perfect! What a great idea!

  7. This is so awesome!! Your dad is a sweetie for manning the grill!


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