Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thankful for Friends That Just Get Me

So I had my Birthday party a couple weekends ago and it had to be perfect. I'm a perfectionist at heart, so when I'm doing something for myself there usually isn't room for error because I'm controlling almost everything.

Since I had a brunch, I really needed a donut cake. Not cupcakes like I would usually have or a Coldstone Ice Cream cake with real cake inside because that's a go to for me as well, but a Krispy Kreme donut cake tower. Well, the Krispy Kreme close to me closed down months ago, I know...sad times. Better for my waistline though. Anyway, so my friend S lives closest to another one in our area and I asked her if she would mind picking up some donuts for me. Now, we have a Dunkin less than three minutes away but Krispy Kreme tastes so much better to me and it was my birthday, right?

I give her the cash and on Saturday morning she calls me.

"So, is it going to be a problem if the sprinkles on the chocolate iced donut are green?"
She asks.
"Oh yeah, you should just get the chocolate iced and the plain glazed then." Is my response.

So when she shows up a little later and we start building the cake she starts telling me that she had already bought the chocolate with sprinkles, got in the car, opened them up and realized I would probably either a. have a minor freak out or b. say it's fine and be really broken up about it. I also remember telling her on the phone I don't understand why they don't have both the regular multicolored sprinkles and green options. I understand the Holiday, believe me but not for my Birthday, lol.

She's such a good friend and she knows me very well. I mean can you imagine green sprinkles at my pink and gold party?

So, enter A. He wasn't invited to the all girls brunch, but he got me a gift anyway because that's how we roll he's just that awesome. When he gives it to me last weekend, he tells me it's not the right color and he's already ordered another one. Say what?!

He had ordered me a pink leather passport wallet since we're traveling together this year and when he got it realized not only was it the wrong shade of pink. I'm pretty picky with my pinks and apparently I've made too many comments about how picky I am, but he's pretty picky too. Anyway, the passport also had purple on the back. So then inside the gift he had also printed out the color of the other one he ordered for me since it wasn't pink either but a Tiffany blue. It also had a cute saying on it "READY FOR DEPARTURE" and then I saw it was Kate Spade and was speechless!

I also love it when companies include little extras like the packing list...now I ordered something separate that came with the same packing list so it's not exclusive to "travel items" like I was thinking it might be, lol!

Another funny thing was when he was describing finding the right pink he said Kate had another one that was pink that had Happily Ever After on it. S and I both looked at each other and said that would have been fine since that's my blog name.

However again, it's not the right pink. I don't know why I'm so picky about my pinks but I just am! I've been waiting to buy a pink Coach purse for the last 4-5 years! I finally thought they had one I could live with but when it arrived it still wasn't the right pink! #crazypinkgirliscrazy

Here's the thing - even though my friends know me so well I'm afraid I'm developing a Princess Complex. I mean, yes I'm picky but so are a lot of other people. I didn't even realize it was a thing until I saw it on a guys' profile on POF where he said he didn't want girls like that and I'm pretty sure that's me.

Are you picky? Do your friends get you?


  1. i'm pretty picky and all my friends know to always get me gift cards :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Haha! I love that they all know how particular you are about the shade of pink. My closest friends know me really well, down to my craziness for yellow. They even facebook message me article that just resonate so well with me and I tear up that they just understand me so well. Those are the best friends!

  3. I am totally picky too - don't worry! Such a nice passport holder too! Kate Spade makes my favorite accessories ever

  4. I don't know if I'd consider myself picky... that prob means I'm not, right? haha

  5. I'm not picky but I am controlling. Similar lines there I think :)


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