Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hump Day Confessions

Happy Hump-day!

I hope this week just flies by because I'm so ready for all of the things this weekend is bringing me. I'll tell you more about all the things I'm looking forward to during my Hump Day Confessions, but first let me tell you the two ladies I'm linking up on this Fabulous Wednesday!

I thought a little confessions this week would do this girl some good.

I Confess

...I'm glad I booked my birthday party for this weekend, so I don't have to stop talking about my Birthday, lol.

...I finally made a Derm appt. to get my adult (hormonal) acne looked at and see if there's anything I can do about it.

...This means I'm also getting my first Skin Cancer Check. Gotta make that copay worth it!

...I really look forward to my three day weekends, and even though it's selfish I really wish it could be every weekend. I should just be appreciative that I get it every other week.

...My total shock at finding Maybe Someday on the shelf at BAM Monday made me super excited to have it before most! It's supposed to be released 3/18/14 don't you know?!

...I found champagne flutes for my brunch this weekend for $1 a piece! Plus they had 12 in a nice little box I can use for storing them. If you have an Old Time Pottery near you definitely check it out!

...I'm really sad Army Wives is over, but so glad they're having this Two Hour Special this weekend!

...Run Keeper is my favorite new app right now since it feeds into MyFitnessPal and logs my workout for me!

...I also found milk bottles that I shared on Instagram at Michael's for 3 for $4! I had been wanting some but didn't need them, except when I found them at a great price and conveniently!

...St. Patrick's Day where everybody wears green is one of my favorite Holidays and I can't wait to see everybody's Instagram pictures!

...I sponsored some great ladies this month and I'm very pleased with each one of them. I've tried in the past and not been impressed, so good job ladies!

...I signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge for April today.

...I always get nervous when the Cara Box matches come out about who I'll be matched up with. All of them have been fab for me, but I know there have been some that didn't get as lucky.

...I'm still battling my weight, and I know it's never ending. I just wish I loved working out more than I loved sitting on my booty and devouring all the food.

...I stopped eating yogurt to help with my acne and while I think it worked I miss having that healthy snack to turn to.

...I could probably keep confessing, but I have DIY things I need to do for this weekend and Chicago Fire that needs to be watched. Peace out!


  1. 1) healthy snacks: handful of almonds, greek yogurt (i know you said you cut out yogurt but greek yogurt is different. all you need is like 1/2cup with fresh berries), raw carrots and hummus or apple slices and hummus.

    2) who did you sponsor? i'm looking for some blogs to sponsor too.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Those milk jugs are adorable - can't wait to see the rest of your DIY - I'm craft handicapped ha!

  3. So awesome that you get 3 day weekends every other week. I didn't know Army Wives was having a special this weekend. I'll have to make sure my DVR it set. Love those milk jugs!

  4. So glad you're doing the A to Z challenge too!!!! I am ready- kind of... not really!

    And now I need to get to a Michaels and hope my location has the milk bottles too. Because I "need" them and totally have plenty of space to store them. Thanks lady.

  5. Those milk jugs are adorable!! What are you going to do with them? And anything with the words champagne in it, im in love!! ENJOY!

  6. I could have every other weekend be a 3-day too but then I'd have to work 45 hrs a day instead of 40. No thanks :). Enjoy yours, especially with the nice weather hopefully starting to come our way. Found ya via Kathy's linkup.

  7. Oooh girl, squeeze as much as you can out of your birthday. Keep that celebration going! Happy (early or late?) birthday! :)

  8. Those milk bottles are so cute!!! And I joined the CaraBox exchange (1st time doing anything like that!) and I was really nervous too!

  9. Girl, I know one of your carabox partners will be fantastic! ;) Btw, I am super jealous of your 3 day weekends! How did you swing that one?? And those milk bottles are awesome! I want some just drink out of regularly!

    1. I hope you're referring to me ;)

    2. Yay St. Patty's day! my green is ready to go!

      Have fun celebrating your birthday - what will you be doing?

      Tell me more about your skin - I think I have the perfect sample to include in your cara box - a lot less harsh (and generally more effective) than the derm stuff :)

    3. Haha I wasn't referring to you, but if I had known you were Heather's other partner, I would have said that BOTH of her partners will be fantastic! haha

    4. I take 50 mg of chelated zinc a day and its helped with my hormonal acne a LOT! Have you tried that??

  10. Which bloggers did you sponsor? I'm always wanting to hear positive reviews! I tend to agree with you about cutting out the dairy it seems to really help with the acne situation and stomach bloating (IMO) ;-)

  11. Yay for finding a book early. That would excite me too!


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