Sunday, March 16, 2014

Freakin' Weekend with Parties + Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day a little early Party People!

I knew this would be a grand weekend for partying and boy was it! I so wish I had today off to unwind and chill out but it just wasn't in the cards for me.'s Green day so you know I like going to work and making sure everybody is wearing their green!

I came home Friday night, ready to work except I left my list at work and that was not fun. Luckily mom helped me write up another one of all the things I needed to do before the Birthday Brunch on Saturday and we got to work cleaning and finishing up a few last minute details.

Saturday Morning, the Birthday Brunch was a MAJOR success! Everyone had a great time and started talking about when we were having the next one. Well, not only was it a lot of planning, but if you've thrown a party with elaborate details + food you know it also can get pretty pricey so I'm all spent out on parties for the next few months!

o n e // The young ladies table...I have a diverse age group of close friends and when we had to split up into two tables, this is just how it fell.
t w o // Friend I work with and I after the festivities!
t h r e e // The purrrty flowers a friend brought for decorations.
f o u r // A friend I hardly get to see because we're both so busy with separate stuff, but we share a love of reading and I can't wait for her Spring Break so she can read all the awesome books I've been telling her about!

After the birthday brunch we had another party to prep for . . . our Ladies Recipe Night that we hosted Sunday and I still had yet to design my page! Plus we had to cut and kit all of the other eight recipes, so we had our work cut out for us.

I got the recipe from the internet here. It smelled and tasted just like the Olive Garden version!

Saturday Night I went with friends to a bar S parents own and we also tried a new restaurant just down the street from them and it was soo good!

o n e // The front of the bar on the main drag right across the street from the beach.
t w o // I became a little obsessed with the lamp in this window being on. Like I imagined I was watching a movie and then I even got to see them turn the lamp off. They were also slow staffed so we waited a long time for the food.
t h r e e // However, the wait was worth it because all I tried was delicious! This was my plate of Parmesan Tilapia with veggies and potatoes. Would have been pretty healthy minus half of S plate and all the wine I consumed.
f o u r // The wine A provided for us was delicious and I may have over indulged with my three glasses but I was having a grand time!

Then while we were at the bar, they have this really cool machine that is like the 2014 version of a jukebox and it has a photo booth built into it! We had way too much fun taking crazy pics at this bar, lol.

Sunday Night was the Ladies Recipe Night and I'm going to do a detailed post about this and the brunch later this week, so here's just a snippet of all the fun we had.

o n e // Everybody enjoying the tasting portion of recipe night!
t w o // A bunch of the pages one of the ladies put together.
t h r e e // How we organize all of our kits for the evening.
f o u r // One of the ladies working on her page.

So, that was my weekend and since today is St. Patrick's Day it's really not over. I've been rocking the green all weekend and headed downtown for some St. Patty's festivities Monday night and maybe some green beer!?

How was your weekend? Did you do any pre-partying in honor of St. Patrick?

I'm not off this week, but I'm linking up with Leeann anyway!


  1. Glad the birthday brunch went well. Everything looks great. Love the photo booth action. Recipe night?! Can't wait to read about the details.

  2. recipe night! i love those kits. sounds like a fun weekend was had by all :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Hurrah for a successful birthday brunch! Everything else looks fun too. Happy St. Paddy's day!


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