Monday, March 24, 2014

Freakin' Weekend with Fun + Planning

So this weekend, I did a lot of planning for my A-Z Blog Challenge that's coming up in April. When I thought I had all of my days laid out, not really with a "theme" then I got to thinking about switching up the days so I have a few I'm still working with.

One of them is going to be a Q + A session wonder what day that's for, haha! kick that off, in your comment go ahead and ask me a question. I'd like to say I'll answer anything but ummm, I may have to use my veto! I'm also working on a collaborative thing with some of my favorite know the ones that make this whole blog thing a little more fun!

The rest of the weekend went a little something like this.

Friday night I had some things to do when I got home, like watch Wichita State play their first match up game of the season. They won, cinching their 35-0 (first to do this in college basketball in 25 years) so I got to live without nerves until Sunday. Then I went to bed because I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. Also known as zero dark thirty.

This Starbucks and the fact that I was going to pick up a good friend was one of the only things keeping me awake. Plus don't want A to fall asleep at the wheel. Our drive to Orlando was uneventful, but the drive back took us 3-3.5 hours. Normally it's about a 2 hour drive. WTF Florida Spring Break Traffic?!

We took this little cutie to the UCF campus so he can see where he'll be a future knight. I just love the reflection pond. It's where we always tailgate, away from the crazies and it's right next to my other fav place called the Library!

Then we went for some pizza at Grimaldi's and I remembered that I usually get a birthday coupon around this time for a FREE Large! Score! Except someone's not eating meat for Lent and I couldn't eat the whole thing by myself. Leftovers for the parents, lol!

Sunday after watching my Alma Mater lose valiantly mom and I broke out the bikes and went for a ride. I'm not sore yet, but I could feel it in my legs so I'm wondering what my muscles will feel like throughout Monday!

The sun was shining, it was really a great time even though the Shockers lost :(

I'm linking up with Leann for Join the Gossip! Don't forget to leave me a comment with a Question I can share an answer with!

Plus, how did your weekend treat you?!


  1. The reflection pond looks so pretty and it looked gorgeous out for the bike ride! Yum on the pizza. For a question - If you could ghost write for any Author which one would you pick?

  2. Hey name twin! I have a very serious question..
    Do all of your friends names end in "-y"? Mine do! My close friends are Amy, Brittneigh and Hailee, my boyfriend's name is Jesse and even my dogs name is Rylee! I feel so left out! Do you have this same issue?
    SN: Sometimes my boyfriend calls my Heatheigh to make me feel better.

  3. Mmmm, Grimaldis! Kudos to planning out your blog posts...come do mine...hahaha. P.S. Did you see the info for the Simply Art Night?!

  4. Question- If you could only read one book over and over for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

  5. It looks like an active, delicious weekend! Thanks for linking up :)

    Hmm a question for far do you live from the beach? I know it's silly but in SoCal people just assume we all live by the beach (I'm about 45 mins away) and I imagine people in Florida have to all be closer than me! Lol I love how I take a stereotype for CA and stupidly fall into it for FL!

  6. That pizza looks sooo good! What is the A-Z blog challenge? Sounds intriguing :)

  7. here's a question: tell me everything you know about canada. i've always been interested in how much people know about us folks up north.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Question - If you had to pack up and move tomorrow, where would it be?

  9. That pizza looks to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't have had any leftovers for anyone! hahaha


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