Monday, March 3, 2014

Freakin' Weekend + Scrapbook Shop Hop 2014

Hello Lovelies! Yes, I had to work today, but I'm off Wednesday for my Birthday so it's all good!

My weekend was super packed Friday and Saturday, so I took a much needed rest day on Sunday and felt so much better than I did on Saturday night when I was so restless I couldn't fall asleep!

Friday I knew I was getting my Erin Condren planner in so I was very anxious to get home (and play with it) and no amount of craziness at work was going to spoil my day because I also had the Scrapbook Shop Hop to look forward to!

What's a Scrapbook Shop Hop? It's where stores from a localized area get together and plan a shopping event where shoppers (in this case Scrapbookers) shop at all the different stores within a certain time frame.

In the past, Tampa has been one of a kind with their Treasure Hunt theme, but in the last two years they've broken out of that to encompass a much larger themes and using shop hop in the name. This makes us a little less unique, because when you look up scrapbook shop hop you won't just get Tampa info, you'll also see a very large Southern California Scrapbook Shop Hop. I like that they can do more than just pirates, but I miss being unique. Shallow, but that's how I feel.

Anyway, our rules include buying the passport for $10, but this also includes a "goodie bag" with a 6 x 6 album to put your make - n - take pages in, beads, other things like stickers, pens, etc. and this year the bag was a very nice canvas bag!

You have to spend $5 at each store to get your passport stamped, make-n-take which I have no pics of and will share once I complete mine. You do get a 10% discount at each store, so that's nice!

After you get all of your places stamped you turn in your passport form to be entered to win up to $100 to spend at each store!

We only visited two stores on Friday night, before enjoying pizza at what appeared to be a very popular local eatery - Beach Pizza!

I tried a couple of pieces by the slice - Tomato w/Spinach and Buffalo Chicken that were both yummy but I really need to remember that Buffalo Chicken is almost always accompanied by Blue Cheese! Yuck!

Each store has a place to take your picture so you'll have an image to include on your make-n-take pages in your book!

Whim So Doodle

I love the frame idea, even though it makes getting a square image harder, lol. This is our "home" store since it's closest to us and it's also my absolute favorite store to go to. Even when we had closer stores throughout the years this store continues to wow me with their product, classes and overall nicenesscustomer service! Since this was our home store, that's where we got our bag from with our passport in it and had to be our first stop!

I thought this candy bar idea was so cute and I don't think it's exclusive to the Shop Hop either! I couldn't resist but didn't fill up the bag like a good little girl.

Scraps of Art

We hit the remaining six stores on Saturday and by the end of the night we were exhausted!


This store has EVERYTHING...I've heard people say if they don't have it, they must not make it! Every nook and cranny in this store is filled with Scrapbook stuff and they always have a few make and take items to get you sampling the newest things in the scrapbook world! They're always super friendly too, but they're so far for us!

The Stamper's Cove

This was a new store, and they had the gorgeous teal color scheme everywhere, which fits perfectly with their name. They even opened a little early for us since we got there a little ahead of schedule! I loved the pearls and boas for the photo op!

The Scrappin' Shack

This was another new store, also pretty far from us so we won't be going there again anytime soon, but they're right downtown in a cute older but refinished building. They're even right down the street from still active train tracks that had a train come through while I was there so I had to snap a pic! Plus I had to get a solo shot in my cool candy stripe jacket!

Sparkle N Sprinlke

This store does so much with cardmaking it's hard to imagine. They make a ton of their own stamps and are a major part of the glitter, embossing, flocking, etc. stuff you might use for cardmaking or other crafty things. I also absolutely loved their photo props!

Creative Hands

They were part of the Shop Hop two years ago and another place that seems far away from us, lol. Very small shop but they had a couple of things I had been looking for at other locations and couldn't find!


This is another fairly large store that carries a lot and has been part of the Tampa Shop Hop scene since we've been down here. When it was the Treasure Hunt, they always had a "Captain Jack" to pose with and this year the motorcycle INSIDE the store was super cool!

By the time we were done, we were more than ready to be done and oh so ready to look at all of our goodies. It's hard to decide which takes priority but we ended up looking over what we bought and taking some shots before sleep took us.

My Loot

You are supposed to spend a minimum of $5 at each store and it's so hard for me to remember I have many other stores I'll be spending my money at because I want so many things. I found lots of Washi tape which will be awesome for my new planner and found a super cute owl stamp I had been looking for!


I mentioned that Violette's always has a few make-n-takes, but others also had extra things for us. A couple of the locations gave out water bottles and that was a fabulous thing since I'm always chugging the h2o.

Last Shop Hop pic, I promise! We just had such a good time and even though I wasn't as excited about it as I have been in years past I'm so glad I did it!

One of the things you get in your bag is a bead necklace just like you would get for flashing your tatas at Mardi Gras and you wear those around your neck with a tag each store has pre-made. Most of the time they fit perfectly with whatever their store's theme is and I love the little details each store puts into theirs!

A couple of other things that happened this weekend...we were woken up by a rather large power outage at 3:00 am Saturday morning, probably another reason mom and I were so tired. It was due to a terribly tragic accident in our area and I just feel for the families involved. It created a lot of chaos for our area (shutting down an 8 lane road to two lane re-route will do that) and I was very thankful the way we planned our route was away from the area for the day.

I got very little done this weekend, including blogging stuff and am so glad I'll have Wednesday to catch up a little as I've missed reading your posts! I did finish the second in the Hard Ink series and loved it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever participated in something like this shop hop?


  1. I so wish we could do this in AZ! We have quite a few different scrapbook stores, including the Bazzil Warehouse. I love all of the cute stuff you found!

  2. That sounds like such a fun event. I love all the photo props especially Sparkle and Sprinkle and the Scrappin shack.

  3. they dont have any trade shows specifically for scrapbooking (at least i've never heard) but they do have a variety of tradeshows that are DIY/handmade stuff and some scrapbooking folks appear. i would LOVE to go to an all-craft show..i'd be in heaven.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. This sounds like a ton of fun! I just bought my first Erin Condren planner this year, and LOVE it!

  5. I've heard of scrapping parties but never scrapping hops! That's such a fun idea!


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