Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Confessions of the Week

So whenever I think about confessing for Kathy's Wednesday linkup, I am also thrown back to this scene in One Tree Hill when they did the scavenger hunt night.

- It takes me so much longer to read a non fiction book. Almost to the point I just never read them unless I have to.

- I'm doing the Wallet Watch in April with Life According to Steph so that means I have to go buy the things I've been wanting before the end of March, right? That's totally logical and why I had to buy my new Springy Toms! I'll Instagram them later today!

- If When I read a fiction book, the focus has to be a love story. It doesn't have to be the plot but my brain has to be able to focus on the love story.

- I think that sometimes I try to save money and buy a cheaper, yet similar product but it never really works out for me. I've really just wasted whatever money I saved because I probably won't use the item as much as I would have if I'd just bought the more expensive one I wanted in the first place.

- Weekends always throw off my sleep schedule. Staying up 2+ hours past my bed time and getting up early for road trips makes this girl crash early during the week!

- I haven't written my posts for the rest of this week yet and I know they'll take me a while since they're very picture oriented!

- I really want to buy books on Amazon, but I have so many I need to read. I've been able to hold myself back recently, go me!

- I can't wait to go to a local fresh market Saturday morning with S!

- Thor the second movie was very good. I just love Chris Hemsworth.

- Also, Chris and I are almost wearing the same shirt today, lol. Except mine has lace on the sleeves. Same shades though.

- I'm so over winter. Even though I know we didn't get anything near as bad as the North, 50 degrees at the end of March is a little much!

- I can't wait to see the movie Noah!

- I've finally streamlined all of my Social Media names to be @MyLittleHEA Yay!!

So, I think that's all for now. Go ahead and head on over to link up with these ladies too!


  1. chris hemsworth is so hot. and his voice. and that accent. come to mama!

    and before you buy any cheaper alternative, ask the blogosphere for their recos. that's what i do. this community is full of great advice and information!

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I am forever buying the cheap thing and then wishing I had saved my money for what I actually wanted. Or worse, sometimes I buy neither and by the time I realize I wanted it both options are gone!

    I love that you are dressed the same as Chris! Jay and I (accidentally of course) ended up with raincoats almost the same shade of red- i blogged pictures of us in them one day and my family and friends mocked us endlessly. But now I notice it all the time, in all our clothes.

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. I'm doing Wallet Watch, too!
    Chris Hemsworth... *drool*

  4. Good job on name streamlining.

    I find the same thing on buying cheap things and wasting more money than if I just spent for what I wanted in the first place. I am finally learning my lesson there.

  5. I'm going the wallet watch too, and I've done the same thing!! I didn't but shoes, but I did buy stuff like toilet paper, dry shampoo, chapstick, etc. I figure it's stuff I'm about to need anyway and would be considered 'essential' but this way, it'll keep me out of the stores during April!

  6. Ha! Last night I was panicking because I didn't see an Amazon credit. I told Joe I "really" needed to buy a book. He pointed to the stack I have not yet read... but I NEED more.

  7. Ever since NetGalley I have way more books that I can read so I have been trying not to buy any. Chris H is gorgeous!! I am totally getting new shoes before the spending freeze!

  8. I want to leave Jason for Chris Hemsworth...hahahaha

  9. Good for you for not buying a bunch of books. I am guilty of that all the time! And good luck with the Wallet Watch thing. That's impressive!

  10. They have really cute shoes just like those Toms at Kohls. I really want them. Maybe in May when I don't have so much going on (aka stuff to spend money on)

  11. Stopping by from the link up! Chris is my #2. Iam Somerhalder is my #1. Those eyes! Swoon. I read non-fiction, chick-lit, mindless reads faster too. It's just easier to get caught up in the story I think.

  12. I've pretty much stopped trying to cheap out on a lot of products because I always seem to end up wasting money. Even though it's a little more expensive, it's worth it to stick with something that I know is good!

  13. Cute shoes! I want! And yay for streamlining social media accounts. I don't like profile pictures that are all different, but different social media names is definitely another pet peeve! Hemsworth. I like both brothers :).


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