Thursday, March 6, 2014

A #tbt Birthday Edition

Happy Thursday!

I had every intention of getting on here for my Birthday yesterday, but the world had other things in mind like making sure all of our boxes of cake mix were expired.

This girl has been making cakes from scratch for long enough that I've not been keeping good stock of such things and therefore did not a. have a cake on my birthday and b. couldn't share a fav recipe with you. That will just have to come later I suppose.

Since it is still an appointed Birthday week for this girl, and I'm enjoying lunch with other girls at work that are celebrating their birthdays today, let's continue the celebration!

I have a different special for you today. I always see people doing Throwback Thursday pictures and I'm usually too lazy to actually go through the thousands of images my mother has amassed over the years but this time I thought it was worth it and we had a nice little time going down memory lane!

These won't be in order, but I'll try to give you a "circa" time frame.

21st Birthday

I think I really liked my cake that year. Peppermint oreo for anybody else? I also spy a One Tree Hill in the midst there...that show felt like my life for a while. I made music videos and read OTH fanfiction. Then my real life got awesome, lol.

Middle School Years

Bangs, bows and scrunchies, ya'll! Seriously, I used to wear my hats like that so I wouldn't ruin my bangs...what was I thinking?!

The Golden Birthday

Flintstones wrapping paper, awesome birthday crowns, Barbies and the pink cake with candles. Plus the "real" sounds piano I was uber ecstatic about!

8 Years Old and Counting

I was sick on my actual birthday that year. Never fun being sick on your birthday, but I still felt well enough to open a present apparently. Then you have the awesome polka dot party dress and my Beauty and the Beast cake with the tiger (Raja?) from Aladdin, lol. Smorgasbord Disney birthday? I think so!

I have plenty more, but maybe I'll save those for another Birthday Throwback someday. What are your picture worthy Birthday memories?


  1. OMG so much awesomeness! Those bangs, I think we all had them at one point. I had a Burger Birthday and I so loved my crown. WTH was I thinking. I was like 5 though so I guess I get a pass.

  2. OMGGG, how cute was your expression at six?! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Oh my gosh... the expressions on your face from your golden birthday... so stinkin' cute!!!!!
    Also cute... those hot sandals with socks! ;P

  4. Yay birthday week! Love the throw backs. Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

  5. Happy, happy belated birthday- love the throwbacks!

  6. Ahhh these pics are so fun. Scrunchies will definitely be the one trend that our kids wonder what the heck we were thinking!


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