Monday, February 17, 2014

Freakin Weekend With Some Food

Surprise! It's Monday! No, seriously I'm always surprised when Monday rolls around because I never want the weekends to end. *waaaa* Okay enough whining from this girl. Let me share with you how my weekend went though!

1. Fridays are usually a sleep in, messy hair kind of day for me unless I have plans at night so I had to show off my top knot!
2. Since I'm always tired I usually stop for my weekly Starbucks. Especially if I don't have creamer at work. Boo. Anyway, since it was Valentine's Day and all Starbucks was cute and gave everybody chocolates!
3. Friday night was single friends night with yummy salads and I finally watched The Host by my girl Stephanie Meyer. It was more of a romantic flick than I was expecting.
4. Saturday my Shakeology Sampler pack I ordered came in and I was treated to a gagfest! Seriously, I'm so thankful I purchased the sampler and didn't invest more than that. I'll do a more intensive recap later this week with my weigh in.
5. My Ipsy Glam Bag came in and I'm already digging the bush on my cheeks! Not sure when this lash blessed girl will ever need falsies, maybe Halloween?!
6. I FINALLY got around to doing my nails. They weren't looking so hot. Thanks to my friend Ticey for sending me the Jamberry Arrow nail wraps to try out! I also did an accent with the Ruby Wing color changing polish I FINALLY got in my Birchbox! I've been eyeing that polish for months on their shop just waiting for a sample!
7. This weekend I did a lot of food stuff! This was one of my colorful salads. Salad is just more fun when it's colorful!
8. I made an egg scrambler Saturday morning and it was oh so delish!
9. Sunday I joined my parents for a Moe's lunch! We had not been there in FOREVER!

What you don't see?!

I got outside and walked BOTH days, after hitting the gym Friday with S! I'm trying to make fitness part of my daily routine and while it's a work in progress, I've only missed TWO days this week and one of those was due to a headache I left work early for.

I also may have FINALLY found a Coach computer bag and a pink purse. I did some online outlet shopping last night and will debut my purchases when they come in. I've been using a Tinkerbell tote to carry around my laptop and haven't had a "real" laptop bag or briefcase type thing since college. *nods* I think I might be doing it a little backwards!

We had quite a bit of extra Feta so I made some yummy stuffed sweet peppers! Recipe here. Do you like my inventive way of keeping them standing. I didn't have enough peppers to fill the dish!

I turned down an invite to go kayaking. It was a little too cold for this Florida girl and I didn't want to risk getting sick for a FOURTH time this year. Hopefully my friends will want to go again when it's warmer!

How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I sported the top know all weekend much easier than actually doing my hair...

  2. Looks like you had a nice weekend!! I usually do 20 oz of water with the Shakeology to help dilute it. We got almost the same things in our Ipsy bag. That salad looks so yummy!

  3. looks like an awesome weekend! i;ve never had shakeology but i usually go with something different like vega. it's pretty much the same but cheaper! it's also ass but i throw that in with some smoothies and it's good.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Ohhh I am so glad you did the sampler- I was curious about it too. My cousin suggested advocare so I think i am ordering that tomorrow.

  5. First of all... your pepper propper upper is damn GENIUS! I'm gonna have to check out that recipe... I loooove me some feta! I've been known to eat it plain!


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