Monday, February 10, 2014

Freakin' Weekend With Fashion

Friday started out great since I shared my Five on Friday, signed up for Kallie's Mug Swap that I heard about from Kerry and then finished the day with the Awaken Conference Kick Off!

one. We looked cute this weekend so we had to get a few pics of us AND they even had us take photos of our neighbor and share them with the #hashtag #Awaken2014.
two. Tracy is usually the MC and one of the main speakers. She's just so real that I want to hear everything she says. She also always looks super adorable!
three. It was a circus theme weekend Cirque de la Vie so popcorn was our snack Friday night.
four. The conference was held SUPER close to where I live so I didn't stay at the resort, but we did get to try out a breakfast place we always drive by. This was the Western Omelet and it was sooo yummy!
five. They always give us a gift at the end of every event and this cute hot air balloon necklace will go with so many things this Spring. I just hope my sensitive skin doesn't break out with the chain given since I don't have a long chain.
six. Mom and I. You can see my dress with my cowboy boots in this one. I was excited it wasn't too cold for this outfit!
seven. A pic of us with the GIANT balloons they had through out the banquet hall.
eight. Sunday I did some shopping! Got the awesome Eiffel Tower frame for $10! Then they had the Victoria's Secret Private Party for card holders. I didn't win this year, but I got a lot of stuff for a great deal!
nine. After the VS party we grabbed dinner and I got to enjoy my fav Red Robin Burnin' love Burger as a chicken sandwich! I love it!!

For the Girls International - Awaken

These women always put on such a great event! I have two favorite parts and one of those is when Wendi gets up to tell all the women what's coming up for fashion this season! She's always to the point, and I wish she'd get a longer segment just because it's my favorite. The following is what I took away from Wendi's segment and my added opinions.

No matter what trend you're going for or are interested in, make sure it matches YOUR lifestyle.

I couldn't agree more. I don't usually classify myself as trendy because I don't wear things just because someone else is, and I mostly dress for comfort with pieces I think will last from season to season.


I'm super excited about this since I want to be a ballerina that wears tutus all the time, duh! I have mostly used this for crafting and decorating in the past but I'm curious about adding it to my wardrobe!

White on White

While I love white, I'm not sure if this is something that would fit with my lifestyle. I have a. Boomer who loves to love on me and b. I work around a warehouse meaning I could turn my brand new white shoes dirty pretty quick I can't imagine what would happen to an entire white outfit.


I'm more of a neon girl, lol. However, I might need to try this out since pink comes in a pastel obviously and I'm a pink girl.

Make up - Orange Lips (or Fuchsia) and Bronze

Last year it was all about the red, and red is definitely a safe lip color. Very timeless. Some people don't look good in orange, I imagine I would be one of them and that usually translates to makeup as well so if you're not an orange girl, Fuchsia is another great color for Spring 2014!

Shockingly I did very little reading this past week/weekend. I did purchase the third book in the Beauty from Pain series and start that. I'm also reading Girl with Guitar since you know I just can't read one book at a time.

Are you going to try any of these fashion trends this year?! Hope your weekend treated you well!


  1. i'm not a trend follower but i do like pastels in the spring. i hardly wear them but i appreciate them and i have ONE tshirt that is a pretty pastel/pale green. i wish i could wear pastel jeans though...those are really pretty

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So glad you are doing the mug swap too! That looks like a great event and the hot air balloon gift is so cute. I tend not to listen to trends and go with the classics. Since trends only last for a season or a year I don't like to waste my time or money on something I won't wear again. I do love pastels though. P.S. Loved your dress with cowboy boots outfit!

  3. I'm not sure I could pull off any of these trends but agree they look fun- especially the tulle!

  4. I love pastels. I can't pull off tulle but I love tulle too.

  5. What a fun event! Loving the fashion recaps. I'm a big lover of bright fuscia lips so I'm excited for that trend.

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)


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