Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday - Sooo excited!

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm getting together with Sarah and maybe another friend for dinner and a movie. Finally watching The Host hopefully!

You guys I just cannot even tell you how excited I am about the things that happened this week!! First, let's link it up!


I bought Book Bash 2014 tickets!!! I was so nervous they would sell out before I got the chance to buy mine like they did last year. These tickets are soooo cheap for what you get. Face time with my favorite authors, fabulous free swag and girl time?! Yesss please! Check out my Book Bash 2013 post to see how last year went. This weekend I'll be going through the list of Book Bash authors to see who I need to read and what books I want to purchase to get signed!


I went to the gym, worked out at our office gym and I also did a nice long 2.7 mile walk outside. Fingers crossed I can keep this up with gusto! Did you see my gym bag must haves I posted this week?


I ordered a couple more things. I'm telling you, I love getting mail and not leaving my house. My Color Me Rad tutu came in!
I also ordered a sample pack of Shakeology to see if I can stand the taste and an Erin Condren planner at 40% off to try out this year. I've been using calendar printouts to plan my months and writing ides on the back. Real old school, let me tell you.


I tried out the PB2 chocolate version. It was awesome in my smoothie, but chunky in just almond milk. Not sure if I'll be able to drink it with just milk. I want to try cooking with it now! Got any recipes?


I didn't post a weekly weigh in post, so I'll share it now. Back to where I was two weeks ago, lol. It's a loss! Small, but there.

It's Friday

What more can I say?! I don't know why I'm so ready for the weekend. I only worked four days this week!


  1. book bash?! what? why don't we have one where i am?!??! i would love to attend something like that.

    ps- that tutu is adorable!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Book Bash?! I don't think I have ever been to a book signing. That tutu is so cute! Love all the colors! I think PB2 mixes better with milk if you blend it.

  3. I need to find out if there is a Book Bash near me. Sounds right up my alley! I remember reading about it here last year.

  4. I swear we are two peas in a pod. :) Hooray on the gym and dropping the pounds!! I know you are going to make it to your goal!! Woo hoo!

  5. Love your blog! Congrats on the workouts and really excited to hear what you think of Shakeology! I love PB2!

  6. That tutu! I want it just to wear around the damn house! haha

  7. Visiting from the link up. I'll be interested to see how you like your planner.


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