Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blogcation Cruise - I'm Almost All In

So this popped up in my feed earlier this week and I have to be honest I've never been to a blog conference and I've never been on a cruise.

Yes, it's true this Florida girl has never been on a cruise. I've only been living here for the past five years, so it's not like I spent my whole life here!

To be honest they also terrify me a little.

Not because of what happened to the Titanic.

Not because of my sea sickness...but because of others being sick and getting me sick. You know those stories of an ENTIRE ship coming down with the flu?! Not for me. Ever.

When I started looking for blog conferences to go to this year, the one I was looking forward to going to after seeing it last year, was not being held! So I kind of gave up looking for a bit and then this pops up. It just might be a sign!

My only BIG setback is I need a roomie!

// I could take my mom, I haven't asked her yet but I honestly don't know how my dad would do without her for a whole week! Then she does have that job she'd have to take a couple days off for.
// I could take my bestie, but we work together so they may not let us both off at the same time for a WHOLE week. :(
// I did post on Facebook but no takers yet. Cruising in Florida is old news, and unlike me most have already been on one, especially recently.

So with that in mind, I'm getting myself added to the "roomie needed" list Erin is putting together. She's fab and didn't you know she was one of my fav bloggers? Some other favs will be there, like Living in Yellow and Yoga Pants PLUS some others I'm just now learning about and subsequently following, lol.

I'm just super stoked and ready to put down my $250 deposit! I'll have the rest by October with no problem since I've upped my savings transfer.

That leaves me with the question...Do YOU want to be my roomie?! Maybe you know someone I don't that needs a roommate?!

I always bring goodies and I think vacations are a time for presents! Plus we'd get to know each other really well, right?! Check out my About Me Page for more info...about me, duh!

Have you ever attended a blog conference or been on a cruise?

It's Humpday that means I'm linking up with Liz over at Fitness Blondie and it never fails SOMEONE at work will ask me what day it is.


  1. i have never been on aren't my thing because being on a cruise means being imprisoned with thousands of other humans in one place and that'st just not my jam!

    as for blog conferences, i looked into a few but they're all hella expensive and what would i do there?

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I haven't done a cruise before because the sea sickness. I haven't been to a conference either. Epic fail.

  3. I haven't been to a blog conference, and I'm okay with that. Love the cruising so if you were going to go to a blog conference this sounds like the perfect one to go to!

  4. I've never been on cruise...mainly because being on a floating city of people just gives me too much anxiety. That or maybe I've seen Jaws too many times? Haha. I've never been on a blog conference either, but it sounds interesting! I found your blog on Fitness Blondie's blog hop and l'm your latest follower :D. Loving it!

  5. And now I am following you! I still need a roomie as well!

  6. I'm looking to go on this cruise as well and still looking for people to room with too! Let me know if you're still looking and interested :)

  7. I am back and forth on this- I am a little nervous because 1) bathing suits around bloggers who I don't think are the most non-judgey people and 2) what if nobody likes me?! It sounds amazing but... those are my concerns.

  8. It sounds like it's going to be a blast but I'm working on paying off debt right now so I'll just have to live through everyone else's experiences! hahaha

  9. I'm in this same boat [haha, no pun intended] and that's actually how I found your blog- Erin. My fear is since I don't know anyone that no one will like me. Pretty lame, hah


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