Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2014

I can't BELIEVE January is already gone. I'm sure this year will go by just as fast as last year seemed to, especially since I'm always looking forward to the Fall, lol!

I wanted to get this up in January because I was trying to come up with 14 things I was looking forward to this year but just couldn't get past 10 so that's all you're going to get!

1. Ireland (UCF Game)

Not only will I get to see UCF play, I'll be traveling out of the country for the first time as an adult. I've been to several countries as a child, but none in the past two decades. We're still in the planning stages and it's so exciting!

2. Florida Country Superfest

I bought these tickets the day they went on sale because I didn't want to miss out on such a great weekend in my state! THEN they announced the iHeart Radio Country Concert in Austin and I was a little blue. They both have a lot of the same artists, but to get to see more artists in Austin would have been pretty cool too. Alas, I'm super stoked for a full country weekend in Jax!

3. New Country Music

I'm most looking forward to Eric Church's new album dropping next Tuesday! New music from Brantley Gilbert, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert is usually a good thing too!

4. Trader Joe's AND Whole Foods opening up shop closer to me!

We have two Whole Foods stores in Tampa, but they're putting on in the mall I normally go to in Pinellas, so this is going to be much more convenient since I can make it "on my way home" lol!

5. New Books

I'm especially looking forward to another book by Colleen Hoover that includes a whole lot of music and a book that I read and LOVED as a fanfiction finally hitting the shelves.

6. New Movies

These are just a few of the movies coming out this year that have me wanting to rush to the theater. I'm going to break my no Angelina streak to see Maleficent I think. It just looks so good!

7. Losing Weight and Living a Healthier Lifestyle

I'm not just trying to drop the weight though that is a strong contender for my health. I'm also trying to make healthier choices all around that will impact my life in a positive way.

8. Blog Anniversary

Eeep! I can't believe this is coming up! You can read my very first post here.

9. Going On Dates

I'm really just looking forward to meeting new people and doing new things. Dating would cover both of those aspects and I haven't had much luck finding anybody worth a second date in a while so here's to 2014!

10. My 29th Birthday!

This will be my FIRST 29th birthday, and I'm not sure yet what I'm doing with my friends, but hopefully it will be epic! What did you do for your 29th birthday?

What are you looking forward to this year?


  1. Shut up! That is awesome about Ireland!! Is that Countryside Mall they're putting a WF?

  2. So much country! I am trying to get someone to commit to this megaticket up here that has access to 5 shows for only $115. Nobody will commit though! Boo!

  3. I am excited about new books and movies too! Especially Gone Girl.

  4. Country Fest sounds so awesome!!!! I'm beyond jealous!!!!!!!
    I cannot wait to see Gone Girl!

  5. My brother went to Ireland and loved it! You are making me like country, just a little! ;) I can't wait to see how Gone Girl comes out. What big events you have this year, birthday and blogging birthday! Awesome!


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