Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spending Freeze: January 2014

It's that time again...after the over expanding budgets for the Holidays, I need to reign in my shopping addiction. To start off, how about another spending Freeze in January?!

You might remember, I did one of these in April 2013 and I couldn't find that I ever posted all of my violations. I started it here and then posted my half way through violations here.

I'm changing up my rules a little this time. I do have to finish my Cara Box package, but I've already bought several of the items. Below, you'll see the only things I've budgeted for the month of January.

DIY Project Vanity - $75

This is something I've been wanting to do and it's going to be my first DIY project of the new year.

Dining with Friends - $30
I don't have any definite plans to eat out with friends, but I think this will allow me to have a couple reasonable nights out if they come up.

Line Dancing - $10
We have at least one night of dancing planned for Thursday, so I know I'll need a cover.

Reading - $10
This will be one of my hardest things. I hate turning down a good deal but I think $10 is reasonable for the month when I'm trying to spend less. The only exception will be if a series becomes available that I've been waiting more of Abbi Glines books, lol and even then it might fall under my $10 limit!

Eating out once a week - $50

This should also leave room for one coffee a week and the occasional oops I forgot my lunch in the fridge at home. That really does happen, and since I'll also be watching my waistline I don't need to be eating out.

Mani-Pedi - $60
This is something I do EVERY MONTH. Since I've lived in Florida and even before when I was in Kansas. During the months I can wear flip flops someone else is making my toes look pretty! Nails too. I was doing gel nails, but I've found with the right top coat and brand of color polish they last 10 days to two weeks and I'm usually ready to get them done again. So this includes one Mani-Pedi, two manicures and the subsequent tips.

That's only $235 to spend during the month of January other than on bills and gas. Umm, crazy! I already went shopping on January first to get the vanity project supplies and while shopping at Staples for something with my parents I looked around all the cool things up front and was VERY tempted but not enough to break my freeze!

I'm going to be linking up with Steph and some other bloggers on February 4th to talk about how this spending freeze went so check back in about a month!


  1. I forgot to budget a mani-pedi! I think I might have a gift card for a mani so will just need to skip the pedi this month. And I am going to try so hard not to buy any new books- that might be just as tough as not eating out!

  2. This is going to be so hard but i am doing it too. I need to bulk up my savings after the holidays.


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