Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

Since I didn't start this blog until March last year I didn't ever write out my New Year Resolutions. So I either accomplished everything or nothing, right?

Instead of just going with what I say this year I thought I'd actually make a list.

1. No spending money on others. I'm really bad about giving awesome gifts all year round and I'll randomly pick things up throughout the year, not even for special occassions. Sometimes with a person in mind but more often than not it's not for anybody and just ends up in my gift box. This gift box consists of things that could go to anybody whenever I need a quick gift. They're usually great deals, but I need to stop spending frivolously and think this is one of the ways I can do it.

So, instead of buying things I'll go through my assortment of pre-bought gifts and if I can't find anything perfect in there I'll just have to make them something. To tag onto this, I'll be doing another Spending Freeze that I'll tell you about in a different post. ***This doesn't include my participation in any gift exchange whether blogging, friends or work.

2. Lose 52 pounds. That's one pound a week. I've decided I'm going to work on my diet first since the gym will probably be overcrowded with several dozen with the same resolution. Then when it's hopefully died down I'll add that to my weight loss journey to kick it up a notch. That's not to say I won't go to the gym, or a walk. I just am not going to go full force right away with the gym. Also my diet is harder for me since I have little to no self control right now.

3. Say yes to fun. I've been really good about this resolution this year that I'd like to see it continue. Am I the only one that can get roped into a good book, TV show or movie and not want to leave the comfort of my couch and sweats? Luckily I have some friends that are really good about planning the extra curricular activities that get me out of the house.

4. Travel. I've already bought tickets to a super duper country concert in Jacksonville which is a part of Florida I've never been to. I have a trip in the works to Ireland and maybe England while we're over there. I get a three day weekend every other weekend and I really need to take advantage of that extra day with road trips. Since I don't have any weddings back home to plan for I will hopefully have more monies to travel fun places with.

5. Try 12 new places to eat around town.
I'm a creature of habit, in a bad way and you'll usually find me resorting to my old favs instead of stepping out of the box.
1. Mel's Hot Dogs
2. Byblos Pitas 2/4/14
3. LeeRoy Selmon's 2/1/14

6. Grow THIS blog. I'm not sure what that looks like since I don't want to make it about the number of followers or comments. I have so many ideas and things I want to do but I get lazy 78% of the time. I'd like to commit to 8-10 posts a month. That's only two posts a week and I usually get my weekend post up so it shouldn't be too hard a challenge for me.

7. Make six (6) DIY projects and share them on the blog this year. I've already budgeted for my first one and I've been wanting to do this for months so I'm VERY excited about it!!!

8. Read and Rate 52 books in 2014.
This past year I've read so many books but only about half of them "registered" on my 2013 list because I failed to do something and make sure the date showed up on Goodreads. So now that I've adjusted the dates instead of 40 it says 70 but I don't want to spend the next year with my nose buried in a book so I'm keeping it to one book a week which will fluctuate depending on the busy seasons obviously.

I had so much fun last night with a couple close friends and we made our own party hats! I hope you enjoyed your last night of 2013 and first part of 2014. I have absolutely no idea what 2014 has in store for me but I pray that God continues to bless me, my friends and my family.

We're headed to Home Depot to get some of the stuff for my first DIY project of 2014! Tonight, I'll be cheering on UCF Knights in the Fiesta Bowl tonight at 8:30 from the comfort of my home. Good luck guys!! How have you spent your first day of 2014?


  1. Ohhh smart idea to work on diet first then exercise. And even smarter to do 52 lbs- a pound a week. I am copying this!

  2. What a great list. I love the Say Yes to Fun. I need to do that to. I spend the first day of the year finishing a book! Haha!


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