Monday, January 6, 2014

Freakin' Weekend

It's the first Monday of the New Year!!!

I normally don't like Mondays when I have to go to work, boo. However, I had such a great weekend that I'm hoping *crosses fingers* it will carry me through this long week. Why is my week long? Ummm, because it's my first full week of work in about a month :/

1. Group shot. Two of these girls we only get to see once maybe twice a year!
2. I share a little with you about Contessa below but I love Lori L. Otto and think you should give her a try!
3. Board games are awesome! Especially if they're new and you are playing with fun people. I taught my parents how to play Star Trek Catan and after some struggling, my mom totally won!
4. Fire pit in 50-60 degree weather by the pool in Florida is awesome. *nods*

I started this weekend off by finishing Contessa by Lori L. Otto. It was fantastic and I shared my book hangover post on Friday about the lead into this series. They can be read separate, but my suggestion is to read the three Emi Lost and Found books before this one...I'm just sayin' that's what I would do.

Then, I might have read three more books. *gasp* I know...I was all hunkered down with a book this weekend, but I promise that wasn't all I did!

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury. Meh, it was great and really made me want to go visit local bookstores around town. I'm adding that to some to-do list I have around here. I didn't like that the last 1/8 of the book was all about the prequel story and then a sneak peak at her next book. I wanted just a little more of their story, not somebody else.

Contessa by Lori L. Otto. If you read my Emi Lost and Found Series post Friday you would know I bawled like a baby reading about half of the series. Well, this one didn't disappoint either. She's such a great writer that she just brings out the feels! I can't wait for the next book in the Choisie series to come out this year!

Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin this had something I absolutely love and it's a bit of a spoiler so I won't share it here. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading this story and now I can't remember why I rated it four instead of five stars since I pretty much couldn't put it down.

Falling into Infinity
by Layne Harper - This author has a style of writing that kind of grated on my nerves a bit and I almost gave up because I couldn't get past the same repeated phrases or the style of writing. Luckily, her writing seemed to get better with time and I actually enjoyed the story and really want to read the next in the series. Unfortunately I don't want to use all of my allotted book money so soon into my spending freeze, so I'll be buying this book in February unless it goes on sale.

I'm pretty sure I'll surpass my 52 books this year since I had such a great start, lol.

I would like your input. I love sharing what I've read and some brief thoughts...not book reviews all the time though. However, I could include other things like synopses, links to Goodreads or Amazon, book covers, etc. What do you like seeing with a book rec?


  1. Wow you read a lot this weekend. I was struggle to finish one because the writing felt weird and threw me off. Or I kept getting distracted. I do like to read the cover synopses and then your thoughts.

  2. This is a long week for me too- five days in a row? Ugh!


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