Monday, December 2, 2013

Yay! A Long Weekend Recap

I would so much rather be at home curled up with a good book, than out in this cold but it looks like winter has finally graced Florida with its presence. Although, tomorrow is supposed to be 81 degrees again, so whew!

I had another unplanned weekend. You know, the kind where you take life as it comes and then try to remember what you did (of little significance) for your Monday post.

Friday was the UCF vs. USF rivalry game and we pulled off a win, barely. The tailgate was super fun and definitely felt like Fall with the chill in the air and the jackets with scarves. I almost needed a beanie or ear muffs for the 57 degree weather, lol.

Saturday was small business Saturday and while I had every intention of heading down to the sponge docks to hit up some of my favorite shops I never made it out of my PJs. *shrug* We were trying to clean off the DVR before switching cable companies, and actually got pretty close.

So Sunday after church and helping my dad get the meat all seasoned up and on the smoker, mom and I hit the craft fair and some antique shops downtown. Again, it was a bust since I found nothing but at least I actually tried.

1. I didn't know we were taking a pic until it was too late.
2. Spicing up the meat!
3. Shaping the egg for my breafkast sandwich!
4. We managed to fit a grill in the back of a hatchback. I was impressed.
5. Sunday was a day of good food. Smoked meats, wings and finishing off the margarita bottle from the game.

I'm off today, so I hope this four day work week goes by quick! I went shopping today for Christmas wrapping paper, and have the first Christmas gifts to ship out this week. I'm so excited!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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