Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Weekend of 2013

Even though today is still technically my weekend because I don't have to go back to work until tomorrow, yay! I thought I would share my weekend with you and then tomorrow I'll actually get my Christmas break post up. Yeesh...that's been a challenge. I love the Holidays, but they can really get busy.

This weekend I said goodbye to my sister and got to see a friend of mine I only see twice a year really, since she lives in the gorgeous state of Hawaii.

I'm pretty sure this weekend was all about games, and firsts.

My sis and I on the beach. I don't go as often as I can, but when people are in town visiting we try to make sure they go even if it's just for a photo op.
2. We played this $.99 iPhone App/Game and had soooo much fun. I think as women we are a little more intense than the men.
3. Had some yummy drinks made for us by my friends bartender brother.
4. This was a strategy game called Ticket to Ride. I lost the first two games and then was the first to go out during the third, ended up forgetting to complete one track I thought was done and came in third!

Make sure you check out my first official book review I posted on Saturday!

Do you like playing board games or just games in general with friends? What did you do for your last weekend in 2013? Have any big plans for NYE 2014?

I'm headed back to the beach to have lunch with a friend from out of town. Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Do you have to work a full day tomorrow as its NYE? Looks like you've enjoyed your time off!

  2. Everything is better at the beach! That drink looks so good! I love a good game with friends. I will have to check out the HeadsUp game.


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