Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Fab Weekend

This weekend was very much filled with Holiday happenings. Oh and Happy Monday Morning since I have today and tomorrow off!!!

I'm just sitting in the actually chilly weather in Florida for once this season! Don't worry it's supposed to get up to the 70's so I shouldn't be chilly for long and then it's expected to be back up to 80 by the end of the week. The 50 degree weather is helping me to pound this blog post out! It's too loud and crowded inside, but almost too cold outside haha!

1. We went shopping for Tack Christmas Sweaters and she would kill me if she knew I had this on here! I found one to alter and then my mom told me she had one I could wear, lulz!
2. Friday night was ladies night at a coworkers house and she had yummy snacks and a delicious punch!
3. Saturday was the Christmas parade and it was a warm 80 degrees but Santa still managed to find us in the back of his fire truck!
4. The Grinch showed up with his Whos.
5. Saturday night we did a couple of performances with our church band in front of a local Tavern singing Christmas Carols!
6. Stayed up way too late making tags for the Angel Tree at church, but all the tags were gone by the time we left.
7. Sunday was National Cupcake day so I couldn't NOT celebrate with my friends! They had a Black and Gold one for UCF!!!
8. After our day trip to Orlando, we had to drop off A's rental car and learned how to park in Economy parking.
9. This was the "main" reason we drove to O-town...Lazy Moon!! Seriously if you're ever in East Orlando you have to try this place!!

I'm off to run some errands with my mama and then our yearly Christmas baking! How was your weekend? Did you already do your baking?


  1. I am so jealous of the 80 degree weather. We had snow this weekend. Looks like you had a lot of fun things going on this weekend!

  2. Mmm, pizza! I am loving this "winter" weather, myself ;)


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