Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Show Your School Pride with Color!

I'm a former cheerleader, so I know all about school pride. We didn't have a lot of winning seasons while I was in high school and then the college I went to didn't even have a football team, womp womp :( So, I had to find other ways to show my school spirit and one of the ways to do that has always been through colors!!

Very recently, I have taken my school pride in the shades of black and gold for University of Central Florida, aka UCF #GoKnights!


To be completely honest, I used to never wear gold. Ever. My mom has silver and platinum jewelry with a few gold pieces so I just took on that same mentality. Until recently. My grandmother gave me a gold ring and then there's the fact that UCF is black and gold. Yeah, I've become a little obsessed with gold.

While I didn't go to school there (I'm a WSU Shocker) my friends did go there and they're all about showing their support for their team. When I've gone to the games, I've picked up quite the paraphernalia but I really like a challenge AND Looking cute. So, I've been known to show up in the colors, instead of just putting on a shirt or hat with the logo.

Here are a few candid shots from games this year.

Obviously there's absolutely nothing wrong with showing your support by wearing team approved apparel, I just happen to like spicing things up. What's your favorite game day attire?

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  1. Ohio State is scarlet and gray and I actually have a cardigan in the same colors. If not I throw on a gray top and a red scarf. :)


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