Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh a lot of Screen Time this Weekend

So this weekend I didn't have much planned, yay! Unlike the latter part of this week which I have several things on my plate.

Friday was my brother cooking and me cleaning up. We'd had a mishap during the week when he accidentally put the dirty dishes away as if they were clean. *face palm* So we had to redo a lot of the dishes. Then watched Legally Blonde on TV. One of my fav movies!!

Caught up on Chicago Fire. I'm a little obsessed with this show. I can't really get enough of it!

I got to see a matinee Catching Fire. It's been a long time since I've seen a matinee film, lol. It was pretty cheap except the fee I paid since we weren't sure if the tickets would be available when we got to the theater! I think I liked the first one better, but please take note that I did not read the books and am basing it solely off of what I saw in the movies.

Then we did lunch at Outback and I finally got to try one of their mini milkshakes, yum!

Isn't it cute?! It sure was good and went perfectly with my cheeseburger and salad. They're lunch menu was pretty decent pricing and selection.

Then I came home to work on a surprise project my dad has been helping me with. I didn't get them done, but they're put together and ready for painting!!! I cut my stencils tonight so I'll be ready to spray paint Monday. It was pretty windy here and wind does NOT go with spray painting.

We also watched several episodes of Monk that my parents had previously taped. I'm pretty sure we're Monk'd out, but they're trying to clean off the DVR.

Another thing mom and I watched was a cheesy Christmas movie, A Very Merry Mixup. I've seen some good made for TV Christmas movies, butt his one was a little too corny for me.

Oh, we did peruse a craft show, but didn't find anything. Does that happen to you when you go to craft shows?

What did you get up to this weekend? I'm soooo looking forward to only a three day work week and the Holiday!

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  1. I am loving Chicago Fire this season. I was told I can't go see the Hunger Games movies until I read the books so I am waiting to see them! I saw that one too and I am not a huge fan of Alicia Witt so it was a little corny for me too. I did get a few things at a craft fair this weekend but it can be totally hit or miss.


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