Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Blues Not Here, Call Back Later

Good Morning Friends!

I'm sure you were expecting to see a sad post about the weekend being over, blah blah but NOT HERE! Nope, my Monday is looking good! Where I used to have every other Friday, I got switched to every other Monday at work recently and thought it was pretty cool.

a. My mom has Mondays off, so we can spend them together if we want.
b. Nobody wants to go to work on a Monday anyway!!

Let's talk a little about how my weekend went. Friday night I went to the Dallas Bull for some line dancing. We go to this place when we don't want to be the creepy older ladies like at our local place, lol. It was fun and we should have stayed longer but it was Friday and I was tired.

Saturday I got up and started to gather supplies for a DIY project I'm working on for a Christmas present. Have you already started your shopping? I need to step on mine...last year I was so prepared and this year, not so much.

Saturday night we were supposed to go to a block party hosted by some friends at church, but it got rained out :(

Luckily we didn't have plans on Sunday and could go! They've had this block party for the past couple years and I just love the feeling of community!

So Sunday we had a blast at the Block Party. Have you been to a block party recently? For most, they're a thing of the past but not for us!

We also got hooked on a Monk rerun and watched like 10-12 episodes. *face palm* No wonder I didn't get much else done.

What did you get up to this weekend?

I'm headed to Trader Joe's and the Outlet shops down south so hopefully I don't spend too much money!

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