Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunny, Fall Weekend

Since we finally had a cold front move through, it actually felt a little like Fall here. I even broke out my flats and a scarf that I haven't worn in MONTHS!

1. Luke Bryan Friends!
2. UCF Friends!
3. Thirty minute wait at 4Rivers.
4. Making my recipe for Recipe Night.
5. Logged our walk to and from the car for #50MilesinOctober
6. Had a yummy smoothie after my Sunday morning walk before church.
7. UCF Halftime with pink flags!!!
8. Half the crock pots at Recipe Night!
9. Sunday I woke up early enough to get a walk in!

Friday was my super exciting date with Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. Ugh! They were both fantastic and the only downer of the night was when my friend and I got lost on our way back to the car.

You see, we parked about 3/4 a mile from the venue thinking we'd be able to get easier. Well, what we didn't count on was parking so far away that we wouldn't be able to find our way back. So, after walking over a MILE out of our way, we finally made it back in the right direction. My boots tried to give me a blister or two, but my feet are pretty resilient!

Saturday was pretty awesome. Last minute invite to the UCF #GoKnights football game had me in high spirits even though I had to set my alarm. We get to the game and my friend proceeds to tell me he forgot to tell me it was the pink game. What?! How can you forget to tell the girl obsessed with all things pink that it was the pink game?! So, we had to make a stop at the little store in the stadium where they luckily had pink stuff and I got a cute tank to support the tatas! We scored 45 points in the first half, it was a very exciting time!!

I also finally got to try out 4River Smokehouse which has been hyped pretty high by my friends that went to UCF. Now, since I've been eating smoked meats forever, because my dad smokes a lot I might be a little picky. I don't like a lot of fat and I definitely don't like mushy pulled pork or chicken so I wasn't all that amazed. Personal opinion, obviously.

Sunday we were gearing up for our ladies recipe night. I'll have a post up about that later in the week, but this time it was crock pot so I made my super yummy Crock Pot Cream Cheese Corn!!

What were you up to this weekend? Did your sports team win?

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  1. I'm SOOO jealous you went to Luke Bryan! I really wanted to go. I heard it was a great show.


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