Thursday, October 24, 2013

Off the Couch + #50MilesInOctober

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed I've been keeping track of my walks this month. I tried the 5K running app and right now realized running isn't what I want to focus on. Not that it's ever been my thing, but I thought I should give it a shot.

Walking, I know.

Walking, I can do.

So, walking, it is!

Thanks to my Fall Cara Box partner Hannah for throwing this challenge out there.

I'll probably end up finishing by the skin of my teeth. There are so many things I feel are working against me, like this cold/sinus thing I've got going on. It kept me home from work today and this evening was one of the only days I was going to be able to walk. Since I work 9 hour days I have a very small window of outside light and good temperature to walk in. Obviously, I can still get the same workout in at the gym that I'm paying for (that's another post) but I really enjoy walking outside!

Another thing taking up some walking time is Pure Barre. I saw people talking about Pure Barre and other "ballet/dance" exercise classes popping up this year and hadn't tried it. So, when a friend of mine and I saw that they had a Groupon for a local Barre Studio, we snatched. It. Up. It's so much more of a workout than I was expecting, ha!

I also know I really need to keep myself accountable with my food choices along with the physical activities I'm challenging myself with. This is my biggest struggle right now. I really feel like I don't have self control and most of the time I don't want it. I want to be able to eat what I want, within reason. I know the foods that make me feel "weird" and I know the foods that make me feel great! I'm being very selfish with my body and living in the now. Not really focusing on how my "me, now moments" will have an effect on the future me and that's a problem.

I'm going to give MyFitnessPal another shot if you want to add me. I always say Weight Watchers never worked for me, because it didn't. I tried it for a year with absolutely no results. My mom does it and it works. I have a friend doing it and I really hope it works for him. Since they're doing it I talked to my mom about working that into my routine as well.

What do you do when a craving hits? How do you stay active and get your fitness activities in?

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  1. I signed up for a barre class for tomorrow and am nervous about going. I have heard it is tough! Might be chicken out :)


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