Friday, September 27, 2013

Tailgate - Hello Brunch

Since I'll be rubbing elbows at my first ever college tailgate this weekend, I wanted to be well prepared. What?! Yes, I've never been to a college tailgate. The Uni I went to did not have a football team, major sad times.

In my mind, the typical tailgate consists of things cooked on the grill. This is true, but then I found out we're doing a morning tailgate for a noon game. That makes the planning of my first ever even more...interesting.

I went to the ever trustworthy Pinterest. How did I live my life without such awesomeness? I'll never know.

Then I separated it into three categories.

Food, Drinks and Dessert. You know the sweets must have a category all their own, at least in my book. Also, disclaimer: I'm not a fan of breakfast. Super picky, so these are things I would definitely eat.

- Food -

The dilemma. What can you cook on a grill for breakfast, besides sausage patties?

- Drinks -

Typical mimosas and am I the only one that's never heard of a beer-mosa?!

- Dessert -

I'm baking cookies right now to get me through a couple of events this weekend. It's a several hour process apparently, but we're taking them to work tomorrow, the game on Saturday and then a potluck at church on Sunday. That's about 20 dozen cookies in total. Thanks mom for helping!!

What's your first or best tailgating memory? Any pointers you want to share with a newbie?!

I'm going to link up for my first ever Fan Friday!!

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