Monday, September 9, 2013

My KS Bachelorette Weekend

Howdy Ya'll!

Hahaha, I'm just kidding I don't really talk out loud like that very often. However, being back in the prairie state this weekend did start to bring back a little of my country girl side.

I hope this Monday finds you much more fabulous than me, because that's not very hard to do on a Monday! Am I right?

So this weekend I got to see my college girlfriends!! Last time I went home I talked to the bride-to-be who is getting married this month about coming back for the bachelorete party instead of the wedding. I think it was a total success! On that last trip I didn't get to see the two involved in the wedding except AT the wedding. :(

So Let's see what I got up to this weekend?!

1. I've never seen so many wind farms in my life! I remember when the first wind farm went in near my KS hometown. They just keep multiplying.
2. I'm a margarita girl...this was the first of about half a dozen this weekend!
3. My sister and her roommates have animals, they're cute and sweet.
4. Lunch with my favorite aunt and my sister at Beijing Bistro. Soooo good and worth every penny!
5. Pic at dinner Friday night with the Bride!
6. Tried MooYah a shake and burger joint. Shake was a little too creamy.
7. Wine tasting?! Yes please!!! I found some awesome sweet wines that I need to find locally!
8. My margarita at the Bach party had black salt. This was a first for me. I didn't lick it from my glass like I do reg salt, lol!
9. So, you know the games girls play at these kinds of parties. This was a great laughing shot, right?

I had such a great time and was so not ready to go back to work. Is it Friday yet?

How was your weekend? I'm ready for some Fall weather (not likely in FL) and Fall food!

I haven't linked up my Weekend Shenanigans in a while, so it's about time again.


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I hadn't heard of that kind of shake before. Too bad it wasn't a hit! Also... black salt? Odd on a margarita.

  2. The bachelorette party looks like a blast! What a fun weekend :)

  3. yes for margarita's. yes for wine tasting. yes for burger and shake joints. Can I have your weekend?


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