Friday, August 23, 2013

Where the Road Rage Ends

I hate traffic. I have a lot of road rage. Like it borders on craziness most days and I like to think my friends love me in spite of my horrid attitude while driving.

They even drive when we go places we know have a lot of Orlando. We're going there this weekend AND next friend A even said I should probably just sleep when we go for the UCF game because getting out of the parking garage can take over an hour. *rage*

Okay, so let's talk about where there may be no traffic, hmmm?

Kansas. The place I like to call "home" has very little traffic. In fact compared to the larger cities I've lived in it has NONE.

New York City. Now I've only ever been a tourist here, but I spent the majority of time walking or riding the subway. I've also claimed I would never live in NYC unless I was some big wig with my own personal driver. *day dreams* I just don't think that they have a lot of traffic unless you get into a motor vehicle in the city.

Small towns. *sigh* Where I someday think about going back to. This is a small town, anywhere. As long as it only has a couple lights and those lights let more than a few cars through at a time. I miss the slower times I've experienced in small towns.

Here in Florida the traffic gets exponentially worse when school is in session. During the Summer, my morning commute is 30 minutes max. When school is in session if I don't leave early enough my commute takes an extra 15 minutes...what?! This is crazy. And I hate it.

How do you feel about the traffic in your area? Should I start looking for jobs there?

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  1. ugh I live in MN we have two seasons winter and road construction. Currently every (yes all 3) exit ramps around me are closed to the main highway I need to get to work....


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