Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Matters: Sunny Weekend

This weekend my sister and her boyfriend came into town!!!

It was awesome to spend some time with her in the Florida sun and this was my first time meeting her BF. He seems perfect for her, this makes me happy and then reminds me about how I hope that happens for me someday.

Friday night was probablt the funniest. We went to a local bar I had never been to and sat outside on their deck. After sis and her BF clinked their shots, she started freaking out. Like legit was batting at her hair for minutes! After she gets "whatever" was in her hair she takes her shot and still tries to look around to find out what fell on her. We're sitting next to a gator reserves and under trees, so it could have been anything. IT WAS A FROG!!! Like a tree frog with freaky fingers, lol. She had my friend A get it off for her. We all had a good laugh about that.

1. Lots of beach time this weekend, weather Friday was BEAUTIFUL! Nice and breezy.
2. A trip to Publix gave me some mixed signals.
3. Lagerheadz was where we spent Friday night...frog and all!
4. Saturday morning was down at the Spongedocks tourist adventures.
5. Then we went shelling where it was hell-a-hot!
6. Then the food truck rally!!!
7. Had to take a pic with the sis!
8. She's a bartender so I had some good alcohol this weekend :)
9. After I said goodbye to her, my friend S had a bowling birthday party. I won the first game and came in last place the second game. So not a consistent bowler!

How did you spend your weekend?! I need to finish up my Cara Box and get it shipped off tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the twinsie braids!

  2. I would totally freak out too with a frog in my hair! Crazy!!


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