Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chick-fil-a Weekend

So I know it's already the end of Tuesday, and I'm definitely late to the weekend party but I thought I'd share how my weekend went down anyway.

Friday after work, I got a call from A about something to do that night. When I called him back he was telling me about a Chick-fil-a camp out. I had only ever heard of these, but he has participated in 16 of them! This is what they survived on in college, because for every camp out you participate in, you get 52 FREE #1 Meals! Yes, the WHOLE meal.

1. In the mirror shot at Grimaldi's
- Funny story, not sure if you can see the palm trees behind us, but I saw the shadows on the building in the mirror and thought it was either a. raining or b. foggy outside. It was neither. Shadows, on the white wall of Macy's. *face palm*
2. My box of coupons!
3. A's tent and they made us go through the drive thru on foot for dinner, lol!
4. Boomer was totally smiling for the camera!
5. One of the many books I'm reading right now. I think I have three started.
6. Just chilling at the camp out!

I also posted a video on Instagram. What?! You're not following me? Well you haven't missed much since I'm too tired to remember to do anything worth posting, lol.

I think I got about one hour of restless sleep the whole night and crashed for another 5 hours when I got home. Chick-fil-a was an obvious FREE choice for lunch on Saturday and then I came home for some reading. Saturday night we indulged in some drinks and Grimaldi's Pizza! This place opened last year and it's sooo tasty! Can get expensive but OMG it's so good. Real brick fired pizza can't be beat.

Sunday I skipped church, choosing to make sure I was caught up on my sleep and then did NOTHING the rest of the day except read, watch some TV and hang with the family.

Speaking of Family...my sister and her boyfriend come into town this weekend and I cannot put into words how SUPER DUPER Excited I am!!!

Okay, so tell me...how your weeekend went? I feel so out of the loop since I'm ---oh!

I almost forgot to mention. We had something happen at work *rolls eyes* and we are down one person so I've been staying late almost every day. It feels like I'm doing the job of two people and for a job where when I'm only doing mine I don't have any time to spare, it's absolutely crazy! I'm so exhausted at night when I get home I haven't even gotten my training workouts in. I know people say you should do them in the morning but I already get up at 5:30 to be at work by 7:00 so that isn't an option for me either.

Enough about that unpleasantness...I do want to know how your weekend went!


  1. Wait- so you did a Chik-fil-a campout? What is this deal?

  2. I think you can use the coupon to get other number meals, too. At least we used to.


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