Monday, July 8, 2013

The Rainy Weekend That Was

While we got a bit of sunshine, we also got A LOT of rain!

I know it's the rainy season, but every year I forget just how bad it is, lol. I always think "it wasn't this bad last year," but I'm sure it was. To be honest, we had one 24-36 hour period of non-stop rain so bad to the point I was trying to shovel out the water from the pool because the pump couldn't keep up with the constant downpour!

Let's get on to what I actually DID this weekend, huh?

First off I should mention that I'm having my second giveaway and it's all about my Must Have Summer Essentials. You know you want in on these goodies!! You can enter by clicking the image below.

I kicked that off on Friday, after a whole week of blogging! *fist pump* I was definitely a slacker while I was trying to read up for Book Bash, so I'm really trying to catch up. I have a couple more up my sleeve for this week, stay tuned!

1. I actually went for a walk outside. It was nice enough (no rain!) and I didn't want to drive all the way to the gym.
2. I read TWO books over Friday and Saturday. Easy by Tammara Webber and Jane's Melody by Ryan Winfield. Good books, I obviously couldn't put them down.
3. Met up with a friend for lunch on Saturday after I lounged in the sun before the rain came.
4. I experimented with hot rollers, lol. I've had these gelly rollers for a couple years and only used them twice.
5. Spent today watching Nashville on HuluPlus, I need to get it all watched so I can be ready to start the second season in the Fall!

What you don't see?

S and I went to dinner on Saturday, LATE! We were supposed to go line dancing, but she worked all day and I was okay with doing whatever as long as I got out of the house. She starts a week long vaca tomorrow and I'm a tad bit jealous.

Sunday morning, since S was still working long hours with the "Holiday" weekend *rolls eyes* we went to a different church for their early service. They talked about blind spots, I'm thinking of watching the rest of the series online as it becomes available. I was really intrigued.

That's it. Next weekend I'm spending it at the Beach and making a trip to Orlando for Lazy Moon! I'm looking forward to my four day weekend coming up so this week better fly by!

What did you get up to this weekend? Anything exciting planned for this week?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. How did your hair come out with the rollers?!

  2. You are too cute, yes, I am curious about your hair! did you like the way the rollers worked?

  3. You are too cute, yes, I am curious about your hair! did you like the way the rollers worked?

  4. You and I definitely have the same taste in books so I am looking into those now!


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