Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pretty in Pink...Polish

Is it me or is everybody jumping on the nail polish bandwagon...Clinique, Victoria's Secret, etc. Has anybody tried either of these yet?

My fav brand of polish is Color Club! I fell in love with their vibrant colors a couple years ago when I got a pedicure after the long dreary winter months. Of course it was in pink, lol!

Honestly, the only time I don't wear pink (for the most part) is Holidays. Red for Christmas and Lincoln Park After Dark for Halloween. *nods*

The salon I go to has introduced me to a couple of my absolute-can't-live-without favorites. Color Club polish and Seche Vite top coat.

Seche is hands down the BEST top coat I have EVER used. I didn't believe in using a top coat because I'd never had one that worked...until I realized what they were using on my nails when I got a manicure was available for under $10 at the local beauty store.

This is 10 days with a regular manicure, using Color Club and Seche Top coat!

Color: Jackie Oh!

Sure, there's wear but none of my nails have chipped...yet! I can tell they're about ready to, but I just can't continuously pay $25 for gel nails when I know for a fraction of the price they can still last more than just a few days!

Do you have a favorite polish brand? What's your favorite polish color?

Along with a couple other goodies, I'm giving away a Pink Color Club polish and a bottle of Seche Top Coat in my Summer Favs going on now, check it out here!


  1. Love pink nail polish! Orange has been a fave of mine too this summer

  2. That is such a pretty color. I tend to stick to purples and browns. I should really brand out!

  3. Is that gel polish?! It looks like it but you didn't say so now I have to know, lol!

  4. My favorite brands are Nicole, Some lines of Sally Hansen, and Revlon. I like how they go on. I don't use top coat because I found it either bubbles or chips/peals sooner than not using. So I'll be interested to try the one you mentioned. I have and use almost every color imaginable. When I see a color in my favorite brands that I don't have (or at least don't think I have) I jump on buying it! However lately I have been mistaken and end up with a duplicate. I really should make a list or chart or something. But that won't help when they market the same color under a new name which Nicole seems to like to do.


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