Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#Bookbash 2013

Book Bash was more than I could have imagined! The crowd was insane and the venue was hot, but I had such an awesome day I can't wait to do it again!

J and I arrived with only about 45 minutes until the doors were set to open. Luckily, there was a storm on its way through Orlando, because normally I don't even like to be outside long enough to get in my car...that's how hot it is. But, the storm kept the outside 45 minutes wait, nice and cool! Inside with all those warm bodies was another story.

Since we only had like TWO weeks to cram in as many books as we could, we didn't have a ton of authors we wanted to visit. The important ones for me were girls I had known from the Twilight fandom and meeting them was OMG soooo awesome! *flails*

Christina, Lauren and Alice were as fab and adorable in person as they are online!

Then there were the authors I've only just discovered and putting a face and personality to a breathing individual is always nice!

I was so excited to meet Colleen Hoover, and then I do something like try to lay down on her table for a pic. Sorry, Colleen...I promise I'm not a creeper!

We knew there would be several dozen authors we had never heard of, and this tall dude was one of them. A couple of authors gave free books away!

Ryan's book is about an older woman, and a younger guy so I'm still on the fence about that. I'm all for an older man (DILF anybody), but for some reason I guess I feel like a creeper when I like younger guys and I'm not even old!

Our very first table was J. A. Redmerski since she was giving away The Edge of Never which was a book we'd both read and LOVED!!! Then while we were randomly visiting other tables, they would just give us a book or let us pick one from the selection they brought!

Here's a snap shot of the crowd J got. I'm not sure how many were there, at least 500 but probably up to 1,000. With only four total hours to get in the door and standing in line we were lucky to visit 25-30 tables. The longest line was for S. C. Stephens and Kristen Ashley. Haven't read anything by either of them. S. C. Stephens is on my TBR Goodreads though since two of her books have swoon-worthy book boyfriends!

Our very last line was Cora Carmack, which I'm reading Losing It by her right now and she was so talkative! Her line took forever, but she was so cute interacting with all of us. I can't wait to finish her book, it's just now sucked me in and I don't want to put it down!

I should have definitely taken more pics, but there's always next year! It was just a little overwhelming for us and we'll know better when we go to something like this again. For starters, we want to stay the night and go to the before/after parties!!! Maryse has said they'll be another, we're holding you to that girl! Especially if it's in Florida again!!!!

I'll leave you with my swag pic! Some of these books I went in with, but look at all the great stuff I came away with!

Up next after I finish Losing it is...Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

What's on your TBR list?


  1. Looks like an amazing time! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. This sounds amazing and right up my alley. I wish there was something like this around here!

  3. woah, hottie alert! You look great and you look like you had an amazing time!


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