Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Social: Get to Know

How did you come up with your blog name?
I love a happy ending, don't really like to watch or read fiction without them. Who am I kidding I'm not a fan of real life if it doesn't have a happy ending, but I know that's not realistic. Anyway, I believe everybody has their own little happy life and the term HEA always makes me smile. So, this is my little slice of HEA!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Getting to see what's on everyone's mind. I love learning new things and seeing a different perspective to something I already know too!

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without?
Ummm, I don't know if there's one thing I can't live without.

Facebook or Twitter? and why?
Twitter! It drives me crazy when I go to a blog and can't immediately find their twitter link. I think it's the easiest way to follow a bunch of people and not feel like a loser for missing something because people are on at different times and it'd be almost impossible to be on it all the time! *nods*

If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
I don't keep up with a lot of celebrities, but I remember reading Bethany Joy Galeotti's blog years ago and I think it'd be cool if she stumbled upon mine. Or maybe Gossip Girl even though she's fictional!

What is something you want people to know about your blog?
It's something I like doing, but it's not the only thing. I don't get to spend any time at work blogging or tweeting, only on breaks or lunch so what little time I have I try to divide among many things and I don't always have time to put together a post. So, when I post something I've invested wisely!


  1. I love learning new things & getting different perspectives too! I've learned a lot of things since I started blogging... it's probably my favorite part about it! :)

  2. I agree about wanting to be able to find people's Twitter feeds. Love the name of your blog!


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