Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reading Frenzy = Preparing for #bookbash

Dear Friends,

I hope you won't be too sad to see only book related posts, squeeing and heartfail mixed into the next two weeks. I'm heading to Book Bash at the end of the month and am getting my share of books read before then so I know more than just a few of the authors, KWIM?! There may be a bit of neglect going on since I'll have my nose buried in a book or my iPad depending on which book I'm reading at the time.

I recently finished Colleen Hoover's Slammed, the first in a series of three out right now and I'm telling you if you haven't read it, it's a MUST. Like go download it right now so we can be even better friends. I'm not a reviewer, because I just can't get the words out to tell you how awesome a book is without handing it to you with a big smile on my face!

Also, are you on Goodreads? I'm trying to update that, slowly since I have a lot of books I've read that I don't have on there. I'm a bad Goodreads user, but I'm trying to be better. Let's be friends, okay?!

Since I'm trying to prolong my Slammed high, I'm not reading Point of Retreat until this weekend. Instead, these are the two books I'm reading. One on my phone and the other is a physical book I borrowed from a friend.

Look for an awesome giveaway the first week of July!!

What new books are you reading? Have you already experienced Slammed and I'm just late to the party?

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  1. I just read Slammed and Point of Retreat on vacation. Is the third one out yet? Loved them!!!

  2. These look so good!! Adding them to my next list!! Can't wait to dive into them! BTW, you are fabulous!!


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