Thursday, June 13, 2013

Over - Starbucks' Pick of the Week

Hello Pretties!

I stopped in at Starbucks this morning and instead of going through the drive-thru because the line was too long, I actually parked and went inside.

I was in a hurry, obvs!

Whenever I go inside I always like to see what they have for their Pick of the Week and this week it was a photo app!! *happy dance*

Over is similar to the A Beautiful Mess App that has been all the rage the last few weeks.

You know I immediately DL'd it, and got busy! There are actually quite a few options in this app. Normally $.99, so IDK if I would pay for it, but it was totally work the $0 I put into it :) Below are just a couple of photos I tried to show with the fonts, color and stamps you can use.

Tip: If you have the Starbucks App on your iPhone, you can go to your Messages section and it'll show you the free app, song, etc of the week. I don't see this one in there yet though, so it may have just come out.

You should definitely see what they've done with some of their photos on the Over website. I really need to leave "white" space on my photos more. I always crop so close.

So I went and found a pic I did have some white space in.

This is just one of several freebies I've picked up from Starbucks over the years. Thanks Starbucks!

Do you have a fav photo editing app?

Today is my FRIDAY, so I'm linking up with Lisette and Catalyn for #JustBecause!

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  1. Stoping by from the blog hop! Love your blog! New follower here!

  2. I was just in Starbucks! Obviously I'm not good at paying attention. I'll have to try the app. Looks so fun!!! Love the one in the pool :)


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