Monday, June 10, 2013

Lazy, Celebratory Weekend!

Happy Monday! I know you're not supposed to be this chipper on a Monday morning but I had such a relaxing weekend I feel a little bit better about taking on this week than I normally do on a Monday!

Now that my craziness has shown itself this morning, let's talk about the weekend that was.

Friday ended up being a crazy day at work and I was soooooo ready for the weekend to get started. I sent off a package for my friend that had her mustache baby boy bash this past weekend, so I got her some cute things and made her some thank you cards!

Friday night I had the house to myself which was wonderful! I worked out with a friend and then we completely ruined our hard work with some Smokey Bones! Although I only ate half my meal, so I think that's pretty good!

Saturday was a whole lot of NOTHING! I didn't leave the house, except to go get the mail. Lounged by the pool and read an entire book! Yes, all 550+ pages in one day. *sigh* I love reading!

If you haven't read any of Shannon Stacey's books and you like contemporary romance, these are just such sweet, easy reads. I love them! I read the first three over a year ago and just hadn't gotten around to reading the last three that came out. There's more detail than fade to black which is different from her other Kowalski books, so just keep that in mind if you take up my recommendation and read them.

Sunday was church, then helping a friend move. Followed up by birthday celebrations for the brother! He turned 20 yesterday, so my parents no longer have any teenagers! Speaking of my parents...they celebrated 32 years Thursday, so Happy Anniversary to them!

I hope you celebrated Nation Donut Day on Friday like I did! Just in case you didn't know, June 10th is National Iced Tea day! Do you take yours sweet or unsweetened?

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  1. I'm so jealous of your relaxing weekend!

  2. I'm adding that book to my must read list for sure!! I'm not a big tea person, but if I do drink it, it's gotta be sweet tea for sure!

  3. That top left photo looks familiar! I took a picture of everything as I opened it today, will post on FB. Thank you soooo much! I needed the Thank You cards! How very thoughtful. As was EVERYTHING!

  4. Fun, we can be book buddies. Love a good read, I will have to try those book out! :) Happy bday and happy anniversary to your sweet fam!

  5. Great photos!
    Happy Anniversary to your folks!


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