Monday, June 24, 2013

First Weekend of Summer!!

It was the first weekend of Summer and boy was it HOTT here in Florida!!!

I had lots of things to do, but I was still able to get two books read. I know I posted the two I was reading, and no I didn't finish either of them, lol. Sea of Tranquility was a borrowed book I was supposed to start and I didn't get that one started before she was ready to trade for another. Instead I read The Edge of Never (LOVED) and the second book in the Slammed Series Point of Retreat (meh, it wasn't as good as the first) so I'm anxious to see how the third one is.

Boomer got his second Bark Box and he loved it. Summer themed of course with freeze-dried burgers and it even had non-alcoholic dog beer! *smh*

I'm reading Just Remember to Breathe right now (which I've been reading since Thursday). I haven't hit that OMG-I-can't-put-it-down point yet but I haven't given it a chance either.

Friday, work wasn't bad AT ALL! Friday night, I met J at Starbucks to read since she's also trying to cram books in before Book Bash, lol! We were the quiet girls in the corner with our nose(s) in a book.

Stayed up sooooo late finishing The Edge of Never and then on Saturday mom and I headed to a local craft fair and farmer's market. Fun times, but so hot. Then we met up with church friends at the food truck rally and it was even hotter! I developed a terrible headache from the heat, boo! Food was good, but our fav food truck wasn't there :( Saturday night was spent finishing up preparations for a Recipe Night with the church ladies. We gather everyone interested at my parents house and scrapbook 10 or so recipes. This time it was desserts, so I'm all sugared out for a while.

Sunday was cleaning house for the Recipe night and the ladies had a blast! We're already planning for our next one in the Fall which will be crockpot themed! What's your favorite crockpot recipe?

1. I took a screen shot of when I finished since I literally started and finished it that night!
2. They were GIVING AWAY dog food. So of course I took some for Boomer to try!
3. This bookstore was down where the craft fair was and I've been so book crazed that I had to stop in!
4. Mom and I at the Farmers Market!
5. I made some goodies for the Recipe night! Lots of processed food but I'm working on that.
6. Food truck was okay.
7. Food truck rally street shot and I played with the Mystic App!
8. Boomer and his Bark Box :)
9. Several of the pages the ladies worked on at Recipe Night!

How did you spend your first weekend of Summer?

I'm getting my hair highlighted Tuesday, even though I told myself I wouldn't since I'm hoping to donate it but I want something different! Ugh! So, I'm trying to decide if I should add in dark/red, dark/honey or red/honey highlights...thoughts? Send me pics!


  1. What a great and productive weekend! Have an amazing week!

  2. I love reading and finding a book that makes me stay up to finish it! Do you use the Goodreads app? I so want to get to my local Farmer's market! What is Recipe night? Never heard of that but sounds fun. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Go with dark/honey. Coop and I were at the pool ALL weekend. It's finally warm enough here to go swimming!


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