Monday, June 3, 2013

Disney, Burlesque...what a weekend!

Oh Monday...why do you have to come every week?! You always get me down when I've just come off the best weekend ever!!!

So, this past weekend was one for the books. Seriously. I had Friday off, woohoo! I spent the day park hopping with friends. Meeting characters as an adult, without my parents, and drinking margaritas at Epcot. Fun times all around, except when I got a headache from not eating while drinking and trying to ride roller coasters, lol. Fun, not so much.

Saturday was beach day with a friend and some good seafood. Yum! Then I went with a friend to a live Burlesque show and it was soooo good! I love the movie, and it was very much what I imagine being in the movie would have been like, except without all the celebrities. It poured all night, but luckily didn't hinder the show other than a late start! I'll have a separate post to share what good pictures I was able to get later this week.

Sunday was much-a-do-about-nothing around here. I finally got around to making my Makeup Brush Remover solution, since I ran out of my Clinique stuff and I spent time in the pool. Not much, but just enough!

1. Photo op in a phone booth!
2. My favorite part was the Lion King Show at Animal Kingdom. First time seeing it!
3. Meeting Mickey, being all cute and I can't believe I made this pose.
4. Frenchy's Yum!
5. Apparently you can buy ad space on a boat that drives down the coastline?
6. The Girlie Show, thoroughly entertaining.
7. I got my pampered chef show stuff in and finally had time to distribute it on Sunday!
8. Pool times are good times.
9. The before shot of my almost empty bottle...come back Wednesday for the Pinterst linkup I'll be doing!

How was your weekend? Did you get rain? I thought for sure it was going to rain while we were at the beach!


  1. SO jealous you got to go to Disney AND a burlesque show!! Your weekend wins :)

  2. Love love Disney! Lucky duck!
    stopping by from the link up :)

  3. What a fun weekend. I would loooove to go to a Burlesque show! Saw you on the blog hop, come say hi sometime! ;)


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