Friday, May 17, 2013

The Dirty Dozen - Part 1

Everybody probably has at least ONE movie they've seen a dozen or maybe even hundreds of times. Maybe you have more than one?

I have not one, not two but SEVERAL that I've seen at least a dozen times. I'm sure a lot of these some people have never seen, heard of or if they have it's been in some form of a joke. So I kind of think they're a dirty little secret of mine - hence, the Dirty Dozen. know I have more than a dozen to share with you, so these are just the first part.

Another thing to keep in mind...if Roger and Ebert or whoever happens to be reviewing the movie loves it, I'm typically on the fence. If they hate it...I'm usually running around shouting, arms flailing how much I am OMFG in love with this movie after I've seen it three times in theaters alone.

I love me a good, sexy, sing-along movie especially when they wear cute outfits and BONUS! I get to see Cameron aka James from Twilight in the buff! After seeing this movie I immediately downloaded the soundtrack and proceeded to listen to it on repeat for days. Anybody else love soundtracks? Movie scores? *raises hand* There's just something about the mix of music you can get from a soundtrack that you don't get from one artist or genre album.

{The Skulls}
Please tell me you love Joshua Jackson and have seen this?! He's the bad boy turned law student that joins a super secret fraternity. It also has Paul Walker. Such pretty boys. Pretty boys, I heart you.

Britney Spears as an actress...ya'll know every female pop singer has to give it a try. My favorite scene is the piano in a glass room with her and her bad boy love and the tiniest peck on the lips. *swoon* Another one with a few sing-along parts. Fun Fact? This is also where I saw Zoe Saldana who plays Uhura in the recent Star Trek movies. I've even seen the ENTIRE movie with the commentary playing. Pathetic, I know. You learn some good stuff though!

If you've read my About Me, or most of my stuff you should know that I'm a little obsessed with the whole Twilight series. Obsessed. Because I read the book, I wasn't too impressed with the movie the first time I saw it, so I had to go back and see it the next night. Much better. Still not any amazingly cinematic masterpiece that should win awards, but *sigh* I just love Edward and Bella. Robert Pattinson isn't bad to look at either. *wink*

It was sooo hard to find just the right pic for this one, lulz!

{The Perfect Score}
I have no idea what my fascination with this movie is...but for some reason my siblings and I loved it. We've seen it so much we can quote the lines. I love a little mystery and it also has "Jake" from One Tree Hill. I always thought he was adorably cute.

{10 Things I Hate About You}
I think I watch movies for the stars sometimes and that's definitely true with this movie. Andrew Keaton was a hearthrob of mine in middle school. Definitely had his picture hanging on my door, wall and in my locker. He's so pretty! This movie also had sooooo many good quotes. Plus, Heath sings and that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Don't worry, there's more where this came from...I know I have at least two more posts. Yeesh! So, what movies can you watch over and over again? Maybe you don't bother buying movies because you typically only watch them once? That's my dad...but he can watch edpisodes of Star Trek over and over again, lol.

I think Heath Ledger singing "I want you baby" goes perfectly with a little #backthatazup Friday, so I'm linking up with Whitney!


  1. Pretty much love 10 things I hate about you and Crossroads :)

  2. There are several movies (and a few TV shows) that I play repeatedly, often as "background noise" or "comfort noise".

  3. I used to have a picture of Joshua Jackson hanging in my locker...swoon.

  4. I LOVE 10 things I hate about you, I probably spend one to many nights watching that movie!

  5. I've seen 10 Things I Hate About You at least 50 times. No lie. It was one of my favorites back in the day. I probably still have that old VHS tape in a box somewhere. Ha!


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