Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photo-a-day: May

Happy May Day! Today starts the next round of Photo-a-day challenges and you know I always start the month strong! So, let's kick off this month with a bang!

Photo a day is easy, for the most part! You take a look at the lists provided and after taking a shot that fits with the prompt, share it on a social media site. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, or all of the above! You can always find out more about PAD from Fat Mum Slim or Real Adam Powell!

My photos can always be found here, but my pics from today are shown below! One of the most valuable things I've found with this challenge, is it gives me random photos I can use in blog posts where I don't need a specific image. Not sure if that makes sense, but I want to use pics I've taken (unless they're a gif or Pinterest for the most part) and this helps build my database!

I bought this!

I love...

Who's with me?! Let's see how long I can stay focused this month! *laughs*

Please note these are just the two I follow, I know there are many out there. :)


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