Monday, May 20, 2013

My Cleaning for a Party Weekend!

You can't have the party without the prep work first, am I right?!

I was still kind of recuperating from my fall at work a week and a half ago so I tried not to do too much...they're sending me to the doctor to make sure I didn't do anything other than get some bad bruises. No, I haven't really mentioned anything about it on here. I hate being sick/injured so I don't like to talk about it, but if we were hanging out in the physical this past week you would have known because it hurt to I kept saying, while laughing - "don't make me laugh."

Thursday night was Chick-fil-a with Sarah and Star Trek! I love the new versions they're coming out with and the guys are so cute! Star Trek was always a big thing in our house, my dad has seen every episode and movie at least once. It's cute.

Friday, I did run around and get some things to mail out in boxes this weekend. Yes, my lovely cara box stuff and then I also like to send my friends things so that's always fun!

How about just a few pics of the kinda fun stuff, lol?

1. Boomer received his first Barkbox! He was so cute, because I was kind of taunting him with it so he knew it was something special for him. He stole the unwrapped skinny bone and ran off with it before I would take off the tag or get a pic. :P
2. Saturday night, after spending all day cleaning and straightening, my friend Aaron wanted to try this new place to eat in a cute little town nearby. Online people raved about their fried chicken, so of course that's what I tried. It was good! I also tried a bite of his collard greens and they were pretty tasty.
3. I cleaned all day on Saturday so I could have a pampered chef party on Sunday! It was so far a good success and I should be able to get a lot for not a lot! I also made it through the entire party and realized I hadn't taken a single picture! *gasp* So the rep posed for a pick with the "Whip Cancer" balloon!
4. After the party, we just had a lazy evening at the beach. It was cloudy, so we missed the sunset but got a pic anyway.

How was your weekend? Doing something for Memorial Day coming up? As always, linking up with the always lovely Sami!


  1. Ohhh you've made me want some fried chicken!

  2. I love Pampered Chef. I used the brownie pan to bake eggs for this week's breakfasts. Totally awesome.

    1. Great idea on the eggs in the brownie pan. Did you follow a recipe?

  3. Boomer is so cute with his bark box!! I really want to order wrinkles one soon!! I swear, everytime I come home with any sort of bag/box he thinks there's something in there for him! lol

  4. mmm...Chick-Fil-A....


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