Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh Monday, we meet again. Sorry, I can't say I'm a fan as I'd be lying through my teeth. Luckily it's a four day work week for me, so I can't complain too much. Also, having a relaxing weekend helps me shake off the Monday blues.

1. Baby when the lights go out at work what do you do? Take pics of course!
2. I talked about my love-hate relationship with salads.
3. I prempted my delicious dinner with my salad for lunch!
4. Delicious breakfast omelet at the club.
5. We had a surprise when we came out to shop Saturday morning...a Mother's Day shop Bazaar!
6. Picked up these yummy cupcakes to try at the bazaar! Delicious. :)
7. Had my weekly cherry coke float for snack.
8. Mom practicing her #selfie. Boomer trying to steal the limelight.
9. Taking mom out to lunch at the Tampa Bay Brewery.

If you're a mom, happy late Mother's Day! How did you spend your weekend? Linking up with Sami!


  1. It'll be a three day week for me. I am home today with major sinus issues. And Wednesday I'm off too.

  2. YAY for a four day work week! That's awesome. That omelet looks so good! & I love your mom's selfie! lol


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