Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Heart Mail - Reveal: May Cara Box

Soooo, this was my second time joining in on the Cara box fun! If you don't know what the Cara Box is, you totally need to be checking it out. You can join, even if you're not a blogger! Everybody loves getting something in the mail and even every once in a while putting a package together for a friend, right?!

What's a Cara Box? It's Kaitlyn's (over at Wifessionals) wonderful idea and you can read more about it here. If you love getting mail, meeting new people and trying new things this box is for YOU!

Okay, so with this swap you meet TWO bloggers or non-bloggers if that's how you signed up. One you send a package to and a different person sends a package to you. So I got to know Jessica from All Things Ripple and Carolynn from Kitty Ears!

This month the theme was "Regional" as in where you reside. Since I live in the Sunshine state, you can imagine the sun and fun I packed into my package. You can check out what I sent to Carolynn in her package on her blog.

I loved getting to know Jessica a little bit and she's even from a State I used to call home...TEXAS! Her package came all cutesy, wrapped up with numbers and patriotic like the state of Texas. Isn't is just darling?!

So, I started with a good little girl. After opening up each item and squeeing with excitement I snapped a couple pics of my haul! I loved the BBQ sauce in a beer bottle. Note to self: If I ever market BBQ sauce it MUST be in a bottle. I loved the shirt in Longhorn orange! Never heard of Bucee, but he's so cute and even on my PINK Koozie!!

It's so hard to pick just one, but the Red, White and Blue nail polish TOTALLY came in handy when I went for my Mani this weekend. I actually used the red from a Flip Flops & Polish Swap box I got last month from Kari!

She definitely went all out and I still smile when I think of all the thought she put into this box! Thanks so much friend :) Congrats on your soon-to-be-arriving bundle of joy!

The next box will be announced on June 3rd, so watch to join in the fun!


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