Friday, May 24, 2013

Cheers for the Three-Day weekend!

I always get excited for a Friday, especially one that's followed by a three-day weekend! Pretty sure I'm not the only one...right?!

This three-day weekend is one that a lot of people are like...remember that it's not just a BBQ holiday. I think that was an ad I saw. Things like that usually cause me to roll my eyes...why do they have to be concerned with what other people think or do? Worry about yourself...ain't nobody got time for that!

For our family, we don't have one person we always remember, we have many. When we bow our heads for grace we're thankful for all the men and women that have served our country. Especially for those that have lost their lives. My grandfather, cousins, other family and friends who aren't with us on holidays or special events are certainly in the forefront of our minds. Even if they're just NOT here since I don't live close to most of my family. I'm so thankful for them even if I can't be with them.

Let's talk plans...I like to think of myself as a planner. A list maker too. Only when I'm motivated though.

I really only have a few plans and they're close to home. Living in Florida, you can't go to the beach on a Holiday weekend without HUGE crowds and that's just not really my thing with the traffic and all the people.

I'm really looking forward to trying out a few things on the grill and hanging by the pool. Soaking up some rays and catching up on all the magazines I've received in the mail and haven't been able to read! Anybody else have that problem?

Work has been crazy this morning so it doesn't even feel like a Holiday, but hopefully we'll still see the end of an early day...maybe? Since it's Friday you know I have to share an old school jam with you. *runs to look through the archives*

We had to hear this song when it came on the radio for a radio contest. You know, keeping it fun in the office!

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend.

Who will you be remembering and honoring?

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  1. Catching up on magazines is on my to do list this weekend too!

  2. Still to chilly here for the beach. Last year it was amazing! Hoping to get some relaxing in!


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